Permanent Resident Travel Document Requirements


Permanent Residents Travel Document (PRTD) is a temporary official document issued by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). If a permanent resident’s PR Card is stolen, lost, and expired while they are outside of Canada, they can apply for a PRTD for re-entry into Canada.

Requirements of PRTD

You are eligible to apply for a PRTD if:

1. You are returning to Canada but don’t  have a valid PR card to show your PR status

2. You are a permanent resident of Canada

3. You are returning to Canada by commercial carriers, such as trains, flights, buses, or boats.

Note: If you are a Canadian citizen or your PR status has been revoked by the Canadian government, you cannot apply for PRTD.

Essential Documents for PRTD

You must include all the essential documents with your Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD) application, such as:

1. Fee receipt

2. Digital Photos (must meet the photo specifications)

If you are applying online, upload 1 photograph which was taken within 12 months from the date of application (images of front and back photos must be included)


If you are applying through paper, you will need 2 photographs which were taken within 12 months from the date of application.

3. Proof that indicates in the past 5 years you fulfilled all the residency obligations. (before applying the application).

4. Any one of these documents:

  • Valid passport or travel document
  • Passport or travel document (at the time when you become a permanent resident).
  • Certificate of identity or travel document issued by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada or any foreign country.

All documents should be in either English or French language. If the documents are not in any of the two languages, they must be translated by a certified translator. 

Note: Make sure these documents show your name, photo, date of birth, document type and number, document issue, and expiry date.

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How to Apply for PRTD?

To apply for the Permanent Resident Travel Document, follow these steps:

1. Get the application package

2. Pay the fees

3. Submit your application

1. Get the application package:

This package includes instruction guides and all the forms you must fill out for a PRTD. To do this, read the guide carefully and fill out all the forms correctly.

2. Pay the fees:

For the Permanent Resident Travel Document, you will have to pay its processing fee and include its proof with your application.

3. Submit your application:

After filling out all the necessary information and paying your application fees, now is the time to submit your application.

If you submit your application online, you can submit your application along with all supporting documents through the permanent residence portal.

As for paper applications, you can apply to your nearest visa application center (if the country you are applying from supports paper applications).

Fee for Permanent Resident Travel Document

The cost of a permanent resident travel document is $50. After coming back to Canada, you will have to apply for your new PR Card, for which you will have to pay $50.

Fee ComponentFees 
Permanent Resident Card$50
Permanent Resident Travel Document$50

How Does IRCC Process Your Application?

Once you submit your Canada PRTD Application, IRCC will:

  • Verify your document and check that it is complete
  • Check that you fulfill all your residency obligations or are still a permanent resident of Canada.
  • They will call you for an interview (if required) to get more information.

If your application is approved, IRCC will email you with instructions on how and where to submit your travel documents and valid passport. Your passport will be returned to you along with your PRTD.

If your application is rejected due to any reasons (such as fake, invalid, or missing documents) then all your original documents with your passport will be returned to you.

How to Check PRTD Application Status?

Follow these steps to check the PRTD application status:

1. Go to the web form.

2. Select “Update or inquire about your application.”

3. Click on the “See details” button within the “Check your application status” section to proceed to the form.

4. Ensure accurate completion of the necessary fields, such as application number, selection of PRTD, etc.

5. Submit the web form.

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What is the fee for a Permanent Resident Travel Document?

According to IRCC, a PRTD fee is $50.

Can I apply for PRTD before leaving Canada?

You can apply for the PRTD only if you are outside Canada and do not possess a valid PR card for re-entry into Canada.

What is the Processing Time of a PR Card?

According to the IRCC, The processing time of a PR card is around 66 days (if you renew or replace your PR card). If you want to issue a new card then the processing time will be 35 days.

Who can not apply for a Permanent Resident Travel Document?

If one of these applies to you then you are not eligible to apply for PRTD.

1. Canadian citizens

2. Foreign citizens who do not have permanent resident status

3. Permanent residents (if you have a valid PR card or lost your PR status)

4. Permanent residents who want to voluntarily give up (renounce) their permanent residence status.

How long is a PR card valid?

The PR card is valid for 5 years. The expiry date of every PR card is mentioned above the card. If you are outside Canada or your PR card has expired, you can apply for a Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD) to return to Canada.

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