Which is Better for Studying Abroad! USA vs Canada?

Which is Better for Studying Abroad! USA vs Canada?

Are you one of those students who are looking to study abroad? But you are confused about where to go and which is better for studying abroad, USA vs Canada. In recent years, the United States’ position as the leading country for international students has declined, while Canada has risen to the top. So, why are there more students studying in Canada than in the United States?

Reasons to Choose Canada Over The USA

1. Having Trouble Obtaining Study Permits

The Department of Homeland Security has proposed requiring overseas students to reapply for their visas each year they attend school in the United States. In contrast, the Canadian government encourages students to stay as long as possible in the nation.

The visa application process in the United States is also lengthy and complicated while the Canadian visa is simple and shorter. 

2. Cost

Not only is studying in the US more expensive than studying in Canada, but financial aid is also more difficult to obtain as an international student in the US. International students are more likely to receive financial aid or scholarships from Canadian universities, which is uncommon in the United States.

3. Healthcare Facilities

When you consider the most important differences between Canada and the United States, universal healthcare might come to mind. Students in Canada who are not international students can usually enroll in their school’s insurance plan or use one of the numerous affordable private insurance providers.

Many colleges in the United States require international students to apply for health insurance. As a result, young students often have to pay expensive private healthcare premiums.

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4. Attitude of Acceptance

According to Gallup’s Migrant Acceptance Index (MAI), Canada is the world’s most welcoming country to migrants. According to a recent study, Canadians are more friendly to newcomers than they have ever been since the COVID-19 pandemic.

In contrast, the number of overseas students in the United States increased at the weakest rate since 2009. These statistics show that international students are increasingly selecting Canada over the United States.

5. Opportunities for Employment

After graduating, international students can work in Canada for up to three years on a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), which helps them find work and opens the door to permanent residence and, eventually, citizenship. This is unlike the case in the United States, where graduates are not permitted to work unless they are sponsored.

6. Canada Wants You to Stay!

Canada is undoubtedly the greatest choice for students interested in converting to permanent resident status after graduation. The idea of the ideal immigrant is becoming more prevalent in Canada. The country’s efforts to permanently retain overseas students are increasing as the number of them who come to study here increases.

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