10 Things You Must Do for Canada PR Application Success

10 Things You Must Do for Canada PR Application Success

The very first thing that you should do for a successful Canada PR application is choose the right immigration pathway that will take you to Canada. The next thing that you need to keep in mind is the document checklist. 

If you have not submitted all the documents properly, do you really believe that your Canada permanent residence application would be successful? And if your application is not accepted, how are you going to get PR in Canada, then?

So, in order for Canada PR application process to go well, and you get residency, you need to follow and keep in mind the things that we are going to mention below. 

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10 Tips for a Successful PR Application

1. Choose Immigration Program 

You have got to choose the right immigration program that actually fits your situation the best. This is really important considering different immigration programs work differently. 

In addition, if you don’t choose the most suitable program then your chances of getting that PR will slimmer down. 

2. Collect all Documents

Make sure that you have all the important documents that you are going to need while filling up the application form. 

Imagine that you are sitting on a desk while filling the application form but a new question occurs, now have to get up, and find the needed document to fill in the information. 

Now imagine the same thing happening to you at every other question. Aren’t you going to get frustrated? Plus a lot of your time is getting wasted. 

This is why we suggested that you must collect all your documents beforehand so as to not get bothered later on. 

3. Mind the Expiry Dates

You need to keep in mind the expiry dates of your important documents such as your passport, travel documents, work/study visa, bank statements, language test results, etc. 

You are probably going to need to submit them with your Canada PR application, hence, you need to make sure that none of your documents will be expiring anytime soon. 

4. Following Checklist

You have to make sure that you have checked off all the items of your checklist. When you are filling up your PR application, IRCC will conjure up a checklist based on your specific situation and your chosen immigration program. 

Since this checklist is very much a personal checklist, you have to follow every item that is in it.

5. Following instructions

Follow all the instructions that are provided in the checklist. Do make sure that you don’t leave any information blank.

6. NO Blank Spaces

In your PR application form, it’s likely that you get asked about your life details, such as where you studied, where you worked, etc. This means that you cannot leave any blank spaces between the questions. 

Moreover, you have to make sure that you don’t leave any time gaps that would lead the immigration officer to question you.

7. Honesty is the Best Policy

If you want that permanent residency make sure that you do not lie ANYWHERE in your application. If you put in incorrect information, even a small bit, could result in something catastrophic. The consequences of dishonesty could get you into much trouble. 

So, it’s better to follow the old saying: honesty is the best policy.

8. Keep Photocopy of your Documents

Do not forget to get your documents photocopied. Isn’t precaution always better than cure? This is why we recommend that you get photocopies of all your important documents and ready to submit whenever you would need to. 

Believe us, it will never hurt to have a few extra copies of documents at hand. 

9. Get your Documents Translated

In case the documents that you are going to submit are not in English or French, do get them translated. Since the official languages of Canada are English and French, get your documents translated in any of the two languages.

10. Triple Check to Ensure Accuracy

Sometimes double checking isn’t enough. So why don’t you go ahead and check the application form for the third time? 

Maybe some minor mistakes are still there and when you look through them once again you could rectify them. 

The thing is, filling up the PR application form could be quite hectic and complex. But if you read the instructions carefully and make sure that everything is filled in, you might not even make any mistakes. 

However it’s still recommended that you check everything one by one. 

Now, we are sure that you are less likely to make any mistakes since you just read about so many tips. We hope that your permanent residence application receives approval and you become a Canada PR soon! 

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How can I increase my chances of Canada PR?

If you want to increase your chances of Canada PR then you should aim for a better CRS score. If you aim higher only then you would get a good CRS score which will increase your chances of PR.

What is the easiest and fastest way to get PR in Canada?

The best way to get permanent residence in Canada is through the Express Entry. It’s also the fastest and the easiest way to do so.

How long does Canadian PR take?

The average processing time of a Canadian PR application is that of 6 to 8 months. The time mentioned also includes the time in which you would have taken to give your biometrics.

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