Why is an AOR Important in Canadian Immigration?

What is an AOR and why is an AOR important in Canadian Immigration ? Do These questions keep roaming in your mind too? Well, here are the solutions to all your problems. Firstly you need to know what AOR is before going forward.

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What is AOR?

An official document known as an Acknowledgement of Receipt (AOR) serves as proof that Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has received your application. When someone applies for immigration, citizenship, or temporary residency, IRCC issues them with an AOR document. The importance of the document depends on the application submitted and how it was submitted.

When does IRCC provide an Acknowledgement of Receipt (AOR)?

Receiving an AOR is not always an indication that your application is complete or incomplete; it all depends on the kind of application you submitted. For instance, IRCC automatically issues an AOR to Express Entry applicants, but they might still reject the application if certain documents are not available.

However, after submitting a citizenship application, IRCC will confirm its completion using an AOR.

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What is the meaning of the Acknowledgement of Receipt (AOR)?

The date of the AOR is important when considering factors such as:

  • They are no longer considered dependent children if they turn 22 between the time you file your application and the AOR (unless they fit the criterion beyond age 21 due to issues like disabilities, etc.).
  • The validity of some papers, such as police reports, IELTS test results, and ECA reports, is limited. Both your AOR and your application must still be in effect when they are received. You must submit your application before your documents expire because of this.
How does one get an AOR for Canada Immigration?

Upon opening your application, IRCC sends you your AOR via mail or email. You do not apply for an AOR; rather, the government grants one to you after receiving and checking your application.

After earning an AOR, how long does it take to receive PR?

Receiving the AOR does not always indicate that the IRCC is currently handling your application. The amount of time it takes to get PR after receiving your AOR will depend on the program you applied for, among other things.

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