Why is it easy to get Canadian PR?

Why is it easy to get Canadian PR?

Wondering why is it easy to get Canadian PR? It’s because the country has been calling for immigrants to work in the nation and in turn, they could get Canada’s permanent residency. Isn’t it such a good thing? This is the main reason why so many people prefer to live in Canada

What makes getting a Canadian PR easy?

Getting a PR in Canada is relatively easier than other countries. How so? Because the nation is in need of more skilled workers, and it’s been calling for more workers every year. When the workers do arrive in the country, Canada gives them permanent residency so they would stay and work to make the Canadian economy grow. 

Canada makes it easier for immigrants to move there. There are so many immigration pathways from which people can choose to immigrate. One of the most famous ways to immigrate to Canada is via Express Entry. 

Express Entry is the main federal immigration pathway that allows skilled workers from overseas to immigrate to Canada in a very easy way. 

If you are a skilled worker wanting to immigrate to Canada via Express Entry, all you need to do is create an Express Entry profile. You will receive a CRS score based on various factors. Your profile will be put into the Express Entry pool with other profiles. 

When Immigration, Refugees Citizenship Canada holds an Express Entry draw, there would be a CRS cut off. Profiles with the same CRS cut off or higher will receive an invitation to apply for Canadian PR. 

Now, tell us. Was it easy or not? We know it was! 

Another way to get Canadian PR is via Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). If you want to get residency of a particular province or territory, you should apply for the permanent residency of that certain province or territory. 

Provinces and territories also hold draws where they invite candidates to get settled there. 

Express Entry gives you permanent residency of anywhere you want to live in the country, while PNP is for the particular province where you want to work in. 

Advantages of Permanent Residency of Canada

There are many advantages to getting Canadian residency. Some of the tops ones are listed below:-

  • When you get Canada’s permanent residency, you would be able to bring your family to the country with you. Moreover, these family members would be able to get their own PR!
  • You get access to universal health care once you get residency. 
  • PRs are able to live anywhere they want in Canada.
  • They can work as well as live in Canada.
  • They have the option to renew or extend their visa after 5 years.
  • PRs can start a business in Canada.
  • Canada is one of the safest countries out there. You should definitely live there! 
  • Children of PRs receive free education too.
  • There are many social benefits of being a PR in Canada. 
  • Permanent residency is the ultimate way to get Canadian citizenship.
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