2 More Years of Work Under Francophone Mobility Program!

2 More Years of Work Under Francophone Mobility Program !

The expansion of Francophone Mobility Program was announced on 15th June, 2023. This expansion of program came as the need to invite more French speaking immigrants was felt in the country. 

Now, with this initiative, Canadian employers would be able to invite French speaking immigrants, even if the command over language is moderate. 

Francophone immigrants would be able to work in Canada for around 2 years, thanks to this expansion. 

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What’s the Expansion About? 

On 15th June, 2023, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s Minister Sean Fraser made an announcement. This announcement was regarding expanding the particular Francophone Mobility Program. 

Canada welcomes French immigrants with open arms. When it comes to looking for new ways to make more French immigration possible, Canada has been in a leading position in that. 

And now, once again, the government of Canada has shown that it is indeed possible to welcome more French speaking newcomers in the country. 

According to the expansion, employers in Canada can now offer jobs to eligible candidates who show at least a moderate knowledge of French language. This will be applicable to all jobs under the NOC codes, except for primary agriculture jobs. 

Who is eligible?

Before this expansion, only those who were highly skilled when it came to speaking French and were temporary international workers, could apply for this program. 

However, now, the doors of opportunity is open for workers even with moderate level of French speaking skills. And after securing a job in Canada, these immigrants could even potentially apply for permanent residency in the country!

The level of French comprehension needed is equivalent to level 5 of language requirements. Any applicant applying under the Francophone Mobility Program must know about these changes. 

When an applicant is applying for a work permit under this program, they must first submit documents that would prove their language eligibility. 

What can be used as proof? Below are some examples of evidence one can submit. But note this too, there may be more documents asked to verify French language proficiency. 

  • A French evaluation/competencies test


  • A degree/diploma from a French college or university


  • Documents confirming that the applicant studied at a French language institution 

What will these changes do? They will help expand the number of French speaking international workers in Canada and also increase the number of Francophones in the nation.

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