A new round of invitations conducted by Canada

New round of Invitations by Canada

CICC invites FSWP and CEC candidates with a cutoff of 741.

The very recent Express Entry draw took place On May 25, 2022. Canada sent 589 invitations to Express Entry candidates offering them to apply for permanent residency. This draw was marginally bigger than the previous one, as mentioned before. IRCC/CICC invited 545 PNP candidates having a score of at least 753 in the previous Express Entry draw conducted on 11 May 2022.

A minimum score of 741 was required for this draw. Due to the high cutoff score, IRCC only welcomed candidates who are already nominated for the Provincial Nominee Program and IRCC stated that 600 CRS points will be automatically added to their base score.

As CICC mentioned Last month, Canada’s Immigration Minister will resume the FSW and CEC in early July. Since December 2020, FSW draws have been suspended, while CEC draws have been paused since September 2021.

What Is The Express Entry Program?

It is the fastest pathway to Canada. Express Entry was the very first immigration program initiated by Canada in 2015 for the applicants who want to work as skilled workers. It is often called the golden pathway to Canada as most of the immigrants settled in Canada are from this program.

There are three major programs under the Express Entry program:

  • Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trader Program (FSTP)
  • Canada Experience Class (CEC)

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