Accommodation in Canada: Immigration Boom in 2025

Accommodation in Canada: Immigration Boom in 2025
The way Canada is inviting thousands and thousands of immigrants every year, this housing issue was sure to come up sooner or later. Now, the accommodation in Canada is becoming quite concerning. However, the Government is taking initiatives to cater to this issue as well. 

What kind of accommodation does Canada need to make?

On a yearly basis, Canada plans on inviting around 465,000 immigrants. This is in accordance with Canada’s Immigration Levels Plans for 2023-2025. 

But why is Canada inviting so many immigrants? Canada needs to invite a huge number of immigrants in order to make up the labor force consisting of the aging population. This aging population will soon retire and there will be a big gap in the workforce. Apart from that, Canada also has a low fertility rate. This gives Canada all the more reasons to need Immigrants. Thus, the more immigrants, the stronger the economy. 

However, more immigrants also mean the need for more housing. And now Canada is even more struggling to arrange housing for all. This is a concern for the immigrants as well. Immigrants are the ones making such a big decision. They are the ones leaving their home countries and coming to settle in Canada.

Govt is thinking to fix the accommodation issue

In order to fix this problem, the Government is making some infrastructure investment in Canada.

Currently, Ontario, the biggest province in Canada, is taking initiatives to address this problem. It has made a new investment of around $3.5 million in the infrastructure industry.

If more investments like this come up, there might be a way to overcome this housing crisis. Moreover, the Federal Government of Canada has also imposed a ban on purchasing property on some non-Canadians. This ban is about two years long, and it is a step to make real estate more affordable for both Canadians and immigrants.

This ban on property purchasing for non-Canadians and Ontario’s investment in the infrastructure sector will make accommodation cheaper.

Even though the effects of these steps will not be seen in current times, still, there’s a good chance that these decisions will help Canada. If Canada wants to accommodate all the immigrants, it needs to make more housing options available too. If there are more investments done and accommodations made, Canada would even have no problem in accommodating all the immigrants.

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