The Biggest Infrastructure Investment in Canada in This Year

The Biggest Infrastructure Investment in Canada in This Year

This deal of 25 infrastructure projects of about $19.7 million funds was finalized between Canada and Saskatchewan. It will be very beneficial for the infrastructure investment in Canada. Let’s know more about this deal below. 

Deal Between Canada and Saskatchewan

The Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Infrastructure and Communities, Dominic LeBlanc and Saskatchewan’s Government Relations Minister, Don McMorris announced a deal on infrastructure projects. The deal was about building 25 infrastructure projects in Canada. Both the Governments have jointly funded these projects. The deal was worth more than $19.7 million.

According to the Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Infrastructure and Communities of Canada, these projects will open up opportunities for Saskatchewanians. They would be able to have a better future, not only for their family but also for the whole society.

The project will improve rural and indigenous communities of Saskatchewan. According to Dan McMorris, this deal will increase cultural learning opportunities for Indigenous people. It will provide them recreational opportunities, support the environment, and improve the rural transportation system. The government of Saskatchewan is going to continue building up the province. This will make the economy of Saskatchewan stronger.

Canada’s Government is investing almost $10,823,000 in these projects. The Green Infrastructure, Community, Culture, and Recreation, and the Rural and Northern Communities streams of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program will invest in these infrastructures. And the Government of Saskatchewan is funding around $8,948,000. The 25 infrastructure project beneficiaries are also investing around $7,698,000. 

How is investing in infrastructure in Canada relevant to you?

You may be wondering how this news is relevant to you. Well, it is related to you.  It is because the government of Saskatchewan is building infrastructure, which means it is also building the economy. And if the economy of the province improves, then you, as an immigrant, will also benefit from the advancement. 

This funding will build the First Nations University of Canada’s Land-based Learning Centre in Regina. This center will prove to be helpful for Indigenous teachings and learning. The Leisure Centre of Estevan is to be improved due to this funding too. This is to improve the facility’s quality. The refrigeration plant of the West Central Event is to be upgraded as a result.

A lot of Saskatchewan’s infrastructure will become greener and more sustainable. This deal will work on reducing energy consumption too.

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