Why is Quebec Immigration Policy Unique? A Guide for Expats

Why is Quebec Immigration Policy Unique- A Guide for Expats-min

Quebec is one of the Francophone regions of Canada, and as a result the Quebec immigration policy is different from other provinces or territories. The way this province has a different policy for immigrants coming there, might be the reason why it receives so many immigrants.

How is Quebec Immigration Policy Unique?

It is known that when it comes to immigration, no province has more power than Quebec. Immigration is a real game changer in the economy of Canada. Why? Well, it is because, wherever the immigrants would settle, they would contribute to that provinces’ economy. They would work in that province, they would spend their money in that province, they would contribute to the culture of that province. Hence, where immigrants are choosing to settle in Canada is quite important.

Quebec chooses its skilled workers from abroad using its own separate set of skills criteria, and different programs.

Francophone Population & Regions of Canada

About 35 million people live in Canada and contribute to its economy. Though its official language consists of both English and French, almost 23% of Canadians speak French. These French speakers are distributed throughout the country, however the number of Francophones in each province varies.

The Canadian province Quebec has the most number of Francophones in it. Around 85.4% of the population there speaks French. Quebec’s government has adopted the Charter of the French language. The Charter of the French language regulates the use of French language predominantly within the government institutions. It also regulates the use of French in Quebec society.

New Brunswick and some other territories are officially bilingual. Under the Canadian Constitution, New Brunswick is bilingual.

Francophones also enjoy some benefits such as legal protections or there are some governmental policies that are specially for Francophones only.

The International Organisation of La Francophonie is an organization for French speaking countries or regions. Canada and the governments of Quebec, New Brunswick, as well Ontario are a part of this organization.

This doesn’t mean that English has no role to play in the country. Canadian Federal institutions are, as a matter of fact, bilingual. This is because a large portion of the country speaks English as well. These Federal institutions work and offer services in both English as well French. The Canadian Government promotes both languages. And in each province and territory of Canada, if there’s an English speaking minority or French minority, then it is their right to study in their language for primary and secondary school.

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