Alberta Issues 146 NOIs in Latest Rounds of Draws

Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) conducted another draw in January and two more in February so far. These were for candidates with a valid job offer from an Alberta employer and met other eligibility criteria as well. 

Latest Alberta PNP Draw: 6 February 2024

The most recent Alberta PNP draw was held on 6th February 2024 and it invited 44 candidates. These candidates received Notification of Interest (NOI) letters from the Dedicated Healthcare Pathway stream. Candidates needed a valid job offer to be eligible under this stream. 

The lowest-ranking candidate who received an NOI through this round of draw had at least a 302 CRS score. 

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Apart from this round of draw, the other one was conducted on 1st February 2024 which sent out NOIs to 80 candidates. The CRS cut-off considered in this one was a bit higher as candidates needed to score at least 382 points. Also, these draws were for candidates in Construction occupations, who had a valid job offer.  

Alberta conducted one more draw on 30th January 2024 in which it chose to invite 20 candidates from the Dedicated Healthcare Pathway stream. 

These candidates needed at least 312 CRS points and a valid job offer to receive an NOI through this draw. 

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