Canada Supports French Speakers, announces fund of $775.1 M

The Government of Canada has announced a funding of $775.1 million in addition to $48.3 million for the fiscal year 2023-2024 to support French speakers. This is part of the funding that Canada has been providing to the government of Quebec under the Canada-Quebec Accord. 

About the recent funding announced for Quebec

The Canadian government will provide a fund of $775.1 million with an indexation payment of $48.3 million to Quebec. This funding will empower Quebec to cover the costs of immigration and newcomers. Using the funding, Quebec will be able to cover the costs for not only settlement services but also linguistic, economic as well as cultural integration of immigrants to Quebec.  

The Canadian government has been supporting immigration-related decisions made by Quebec since 2015 and will continue to do so as expected by the recent funding provided to the province. 

Since 2015, Quebec has received about $4.4 billion in funding from the Canadian Government but if we also include the funding for fiscal year 2023-2024, Quebec will have received $5.2 billion. 

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    Why is Francophone Immigration in Canada Necessary?

    Francophones are a vital part of the Canadian population. There are two official languages of Canada, English and French, and anyone immigrating to the country is expected to showcase the required level of language proficiency in one of the two languages, and some level in the second language. 

    Since most of the people around the world prefer to learn English as their second language, the number of immigrants coming to Canada who mainly spoke English was increasing day by day as well. And this started becoming an issue since the population of Francophones, or French speakers, in Canada started declining. With that, the Government of Canada also saw a decline in the traditional and cultural aspects of Canadian society. 

    To combat this situation, the government introduced Category-based Express Entry draws which targeted specific in-demand occupations in Canada and also included a category of French language proficiency. This was done to give a better chance to people with high French language proficiency to immigrate to Canada from India or any other country. 

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