Alberta Major Announcement! Pauses AOS and Launches New Stream

Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) has made an important announcement regarding putting on hold the Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS) until further notice. Apart from this, a new stream to promote tourism and hospitality in the province has also been launched. 

New Tourism and Hospitality Stream Launched by Alberta

Alberta has announced that it will start accepting immigration applications under its new Tourism and Hospitality Stream beginning 1 March 2024. This new stream will basically help bring in the required workforce in the industries of tourism and hospitality in Alberta. 

Though Alberta will only be accepting a limited number of applications under this stream, the applicants will still leverage an expedited processing time. However, this doesn’t mean that other applications will face a delayed processing time. 

Actually, the AAIP aims to process applications under the new stream in a streamlined manner while also processing applications of other priority initiatives on time. 

To know more about how this new stream will work, stay with us! Alberta will be realising further information regarding eligibility criteria and how to apply on 1 March 2024. 

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Alberta Opportunity Stream Temporarily Paused 

In another major announcement, Alberta has just announced that it is pausing its Alberta Opportunity Stream temporarily. The stream will not be accepting any more applications until AAIP lifts up the pause. 

If you have already submitted an application under this stream, don’t worry, it will be processed. The temporary pause is only for new applications. 

Along with new applications, the applications that were in the draft in the AAIP portal, meaning they weren’t submitted before the pause or maybe the payment of the application was pending, well, they will not be accepted now. 

This temporary pause will enable Alberta to focus on its priority industries such as tourism, hospitality, agriculture, construction, healthcare, technology, and other in-demand sectors that are currently in need of workers. As of now, Alberta needs to focus on its priority industries and find ways to fill the labor shortage.

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