Alberta PNP Draws Out: 121 Invitations for PR this time!

Alberta PNP Draws Out: 121 Invitations for PR this time!

The province of Alberta has finally released information on how many invitations the Canadian province sent out in the month of April. Overall, there were two draws. The first one, conducted on 5th April, and second on 18th April, 2023. All in all, a total of 121 candidates received invitations to apply for the Canada PR in 2023 . Scroll down to read the whole news.

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Invitations Released in April- Alberta PNP

As we know, the province of Canada conducted two draws in April. In the first draws of the month, conducted on 5th April, it sent out invitations to a total of 53 candidates. These candidates were from the draw parameters of designated healthcare pathway, to those who had an Alberta job offer. Those who received an invitation in the mentioned stream needed a CRS score of 351. If someone who applied in this stream but had a CRS score lower than that of 351, then they must not have received any invitation.

The second draws, conducted this month on 18th April, 2023, held the minimum score at only 307. There were 68 invitations issued under the agriculture occupation with those who had an Alberta job offer. You can even take a look at the image below to verify the numbers. Obviously, that image is taken from the official website of Alberta. 

Alberta PNP

After Receiving an Invitation from AAIP

In case you you have received a Notification of Interest Letter from the province of Alberta, all you need to do is follow these instructions:

  • First of all you need to get a copy of the interest letter. Why? Because later on you would be sending an email with this copy attached to the AAIP. Also you need to do this within the time period of two weeks of receiving the letter. 
  • Mention your Express Entry profile number also. 
  • In that same email, do mention the email id that you would be using for all your future AAIP uses. 
  • You would also need to give status information about all the current as well as past AAIP nominations. 

These instructions are for the candidates who applied in the general Express Entry. In the event of your selection, the AAIP would most probably send you an email, advising you to send an application. 

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