IRCC Strike Update: These Services are still Available

IRCC Strike Update: These Services are still Available

Do you know about the IRCC strike? In this strike, around 155,000 government employees are protesting to get a higher wage, and be able to work from home. They used to work from home at the time of the pandemic just fine, so they still believe that they can continue with the same in current time. They are demanding the government to succumb to their demands or else the government services would still be halted. However, from the looks of it, not all the services offered by the government are disrupted. Even amid the strike, some services are still available. To know about the IRCC strike updates, we suggest you stay with us throughout this news. 

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Available Services Amid the Strike

The strike organized by the PSAC, the Public Service Alliance of Canada, demanded the government of the country to fulfill their demands otherwise the services will keep being disturbed. PSAC is a union which represents hundreds of thousands of workers in Canada. Along with 155,000 government employees, the union decided to declare a strike to fight for their demands. However, there are still some services that remain undisturbed even amid the strike. Let’s know which are those. 

Is IRCC still processing applications? 

Since, it is not possible to process all of the applications during the ongoing strike, IRCC still hasn’t abandoned all the applications. It has said that the prioritized applications would be processed first. About the remaining applications, it would take some time to process them, so there are going to be delays.

What to do with an expiring Work/Study permit? 

In case your study permit or work permit is about to expire, you still have the option to apply online for an extension. To do so, you must meet some of the eligibility requirements for the same. In the application, you have to include your biometric information, pay the fees, and fulfill other requirements.

Can you still apply for a visa during the strike? 

Yes, you can. No one said that you cannot apply to live in Canada, or work or study in the country. But do keep in mind that the process may take some time as, let’s not forget that there’s a strike going on. And, not just any strike, but the biggest strike in Canadian history.

Settlement services still available or not? 

Yep, they are! Settlement services that the Canadian government offers are still available. 

What of Citizenship ceremonies? 

Apart from urgent citizenship applications, all the other cases are rescheduled. They would probably happen after the strike is over.

Are online accounts still accessible? 

If you want to track your online application via your online account, then you absolutely can.

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