ZERO Pollution in Canada by 2035, This is the Reason…

ZERO Pollution in Canada by 2035, This is the Reason…

It’s true! The North American country, Canada, is going to ban sale of all the pollution causing vehicles. Which means that Canadians would be able to enjoy a pollution free environment that electrical vehicles provide. This also means there would be zero pollution in Canada by the year 2035. The aim of banning the sale of non-electric vehicles in Canada is to ensure a clean and healthy environment. To make sure that the environment of Canada is clean and green is one of the main aims of the Canada Budget 2023. Let’s know more about this below.

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E-Vehicles: Future of Canada for pollution FREE environment

The Government of Canada says that the future of the country is made of electrical vehicles. This is a clear indication that the nation would be rejecting the use of vehicles that run on fossil fuels. Instead, it will be promoting the production of electrical vehicles in the country. 

The aim is to make all the SUVs and light trucks of Canada as electric vehicles. This will decarbonize the transportation sector of Canada hugely. It will help the country reach the net-zero emission target by 2050.

However, the main question is: Is Canada ready? Will the great nation be able to handle all the electric vehicles? Will the transaction of use from fossil fuels to electricity be easy? Is there enough infrastructure? To answer these questions, the experts say they need to keep several factors in mind.

Canada’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

In order to be compatible with the growing demands for electric vehicles, the country needs to first deal with the issue of charging stations. And to battle this, the government has already committed to invest more than $1 billion. This investment will be done over the span of next four years. 

This investment is sure to facilitate and help in the growth of the electrical vehicle industry. People buying these electric vehicles would have no problem finding charging stations. Life would not just be easier but also less polluted. Do you know how this plan will be further beneficial to the people of Canada? When there are more charging stations in the nation, it would require more workers. Hence, more job openings in Canada. Ontario alone is predicting that the province would have more than 3,000 jobs by the year 2027. 

Now imagine if there are going to be over 84,000 charging stations built across Canada by 2027, how many jobs would it provide to people? As of now, there might only be 20,000 charging stations throughout Canada, but the number is sure to grow in the upcoming years! 

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