Apply for Medical Benefits in Canada if You are on Sick Leave

You can apply for Medical Benefits in Canada if you are on sick leave
Medical benefits in Canada include paid leave for a number of days starting from the day you apply. These benefits are not seen in most of the countries or if they are provided, it is mostly because that particular company has a different policy. However, it is an employment insurance benefit that is provided to employees by the government itself.

Benefits Offered

Canada’s employment insurance or EI sickness benefits provides employees with financial assistance if, for some medical reason, they cannot work. The employee could receive up to $650 a week/55% of their earnings. 

How many weeks of benefits will the employee receive depends on the date of the claim filing. If the employee has filed for EI sickness benefit before 18th Dec, 2022, they will receive up to 15 weeks of benefits. However, if they have filed on 18 Dec, 2022, or after it, they will receive benefits up to 26 weeks.

Qualifying Criteria

The employee must have in possession a medical certificate as proof that they cannot work due to medical issues. The employee must also show for how long they would be unable to work. These medical reasons include injury, illness, quarantine or other medical issues that might restrict an employee from working. The final say whether the employee is eligible for the EI benefits is up to the government of Canada. Some qualifications required to receive this benefit include:

  • Prove you are unable to work due to medical issues
  • The regular weekly income has dropped by more than 40%
  • Prove that if not for you medical condition, you would have been available for work

How much payment would the employee receive

The exact amount that the employee would receive will be calculated after the application process. The employee would receive 55% of their insurable income, but not more than $650 a week. Number of weeks of benefits depends on:-

  • How long they are unable to work
  • The date their EI benefits claim starts: before Dec 18- up to 15 weeks, on or after Dec 18, up to 26 weeks

Canada has been so understanding of its employees that it has become one of the most desired countries to immigrate to. Whether you are an immigrant or a citizen of Canada, you are sure to receive some amazing benefits if you settle in Canada.

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