Here is the Answer: Why Canada is the Best Country to Immigrate

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We know Canada is known for the number of immigrants it accepts every year. Canada’s rapidly growing economy is proof of it being the best country to immigrate. It is one of those countries that accept most immigrants globally. And why does Canada invite so many immigrants? Easy, it is to strengthen its workforce and grow the economy of the country.

Reasons of Inviting Immigrants in the Country

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country, Canada was, just like most of the countries of the world, stuck by the need to grow its labor force to recuperate from the hard hits of the pandemic.

In order to recover, to grow the almost crushed economy, Canada found the perfect solution: invite immigrants. So, year after year, Canada started giving out thousands and thousands of permanent residences or PRs to its immigrants so they could live there and work in the country.These are the reasons why Canada is the best country to immigrate. 

In the year 2021, when the country started getting back on track, it gave PRs to approximately 400,000 immigrants. And in the year 2021, more than 430,00 immigrants were given permanent residence status in Canada. Even during the pandemic of 2020, Canada did admit around 180,000 immigrants into the country.

Immigrants from which Countries?

Most of the immigrants coming to Canada were citizens of countries like China, India, and Afghanistan. Along with these, countries like Syria, France, Iran, South Korea, Philippines, USA, Pakistan, and Brazil also influenced Canada by sending a significant number of  immigrants to the country.
Below is the number of immigrants that came from each country:
  • India -118, 095 immigrants
  • United States of America- 10,400 immigrants
  • Nigeria- 22,085 immigrants
  • China- 31,815 immigrants
  • Pakistan- 11,585 immigrants
  • Syria- 8,500 immigrants
  • Philippines- 22,070 immigrants
  • Afghanistan- 23,735 immigrants
  • France- 14,145 immigrants
  • Iran- 11,105 immigrants

Most of the immigrants coming to Canada, preferred to live in Quebec, Toronto, or Ontario. Sometimes they also choose British Columbia over Ontario. 

Canada Giving Out PRs Monthwise- 2022

In the year of 2022, Canada gave around 23,000 PRs on a monthly basis. Below is the approx number of PRs Canada gave every month: 
  • January: 35,000
  • February: 37,000
  • March: 40,900
  • April: 36,000
  • May: 37,000
  • June: 43,000
  • July: 43,300
  • August: 34,000
  • September: 44,600
  • October: 33,600
  • November: 25,950
  • December: 23,300
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