SINP International Skilled Workers: EOI Selection Results

SINP International Skilled Workers- EOI Selection Results-min
The government of Saskatchewan updates the SINP International Skilled Workers: EOI selection results from time to time. The latest results are available now. Read further to know them. 

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Latest Expression of Interest (EOI) Selection Results: SINP

The results show us that a total of 177 candidates are invited to apply for the skilled workers. The lowest ranked candidate allowed to apply is 84. These candidates can apply via express entry.

In the category of occupations in-demand a total of 243 candidates are invited to apply, with the lowest ranked being 84.

What is SINP?

An ISW or International Skilled Worker EOI submission does not mean you are submitting an application to the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program. It actually refers to a pre-application that allows immigrants to fill an online form in order to indicate the interest in applying to SINP and so that the candidate can show their qualifications. 

The information asked in the pre-application is done so to access the candidate’s qualifications. If the candidate has the skills needed according to Saskatchewan’s job market, then they will be selected by the International Skilled Worker EOI system. Those selected are issued an “Invitation to Apply.” However, not all applicants will be invited.

Read the official statement from here: SINP International Skilled Workers: EOI Selection Results

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