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Canada has been actively hiring people to join its workforce. This will result in the eventual growth of Canada’s economy even further on. Obviously, this is good news for all those immigrants with work or study permits. They can now find job in Canada easily! 

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Canada’s increasing labor force

Over the last few years, Canada has seen a significant increase of immigrants. The increase has helped Canada to grow culturally as well as economically and become a better country eventually. Since the population of immigrants is growing more and more, it is obvious that they need jobs as well. The reason why so many immigrants are going to Canada in the first place is because of those jobs.

As a result, Canada has given enough job vacancies so that these immigrants could be a part of the country in a better way. These jobs were available after COVID-19 pandemic struck the country and in order to recover, Canada started inviting immigrants to fill the vacant job positions. According to Carla Qualtrough, “Canada gained 150,000 jobs in January as our unemployment remains at a near record low of 5%. We’ve now recovered 126% of pandemic job losses.

With Canadians back at work, we’re focused on building the strong, skilled & diverse workforce we need to continue our strong recovery.”

Job in Canada
Now, it has given a chance to those holding a study permit or a work permit to find the jobs suitable for them.

Hiring Industries in Canada

Though almost all the industries in Canada are hiring, some sectors saw greater increase in employment rate than others. A few of those field names are:

  • Healthcare industry
  • Food industry
  • Retail sector
  • Technical field

These industries or sectors have not stopped growing. There is still a persistent need for workers in these above industries. Now, isn’t that a wonderful opportunity for all those looking for a job in Canada?!

Which Province is Hiring More?

Canadian provinces like Quebec, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Alberta were provinces that hired most of the people in the recent years. Along with them Newfoundland and Labrador also saw a greater increase in employees.

For those looking for a job in Canada, there are more chances of being hired in provinces like Nova Scotia, Alberta, Ontario or Quebec.

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