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The SINP International Graduate Entrepreneur is a pathway dedicated to retaining young entrepreneurs in the province of Saskatchewan. It nominates eligible applicants who either establish or partner in valid business in the province while being on a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). 

Eligibility Requirements

Before applying to the SINP International Graduate Entrepreneur category, ensure that you meet the following mandatory eligibility criteria.

FactorsEligibility Conditions
AgeYou should be at least 21 years old
EducationA full-time post-secondary degree or diploma that spans at least two years is compulsory. Moreover, the degree must be acquired from a recognized institution in Saskatchewan.
Language ProficiencyGet a minimum CLB 7 on the language proficiency test. IELTS and CELPIP are the accepted tests for English language proficiency, while TEF is accepted for French proficiency.
Post Graduate Work PermitYou must have a valid Post Graduate Work Permit and it should remain valid and eligible for at least 24 months or 2 years.
ResidenceYou must complete your education while staying in Saskatchewan. Long-distance programs are not eligible for the International Graduate Entrepreneur pathway.
If your Expression of Interest gets an Invitation to Apply and you sign the Business Establishment Plan, satisfy the following requirements.
Business OwnershipYou must own at least 33% or 1/3rd of equity in the business. This ownership can be through a verifiable investment from a valid source.
Business OperationYou must have been actively participating in the day-to-day management and operation of the business for at least one year before applying for nomination.
Note: Business Operations before the submission of an Expression of Interest might not be eligible. 
Revenue GenerationYour business must be able to generate the minimum required revenue. The minimum revenue depends upon the number of employees. If you are the sole employee, your salary or dividend must be more than Saskatchewan’s LICO (low-income cut-off) threshold of $21,487.
Business Performance AgreementYou must sign a Business Performance Agreement (BPA) with the Government of Saskatchewan.

Points Assessment Grid 

Once you submit the Expression of Interest for the SINP International Graduate Entrepreneur pathway, you will be scored by the points assessment grid as tabulated below.

21 years old or less00
22 years- 34 years10
35 years- 40 years05
Older than 40 years00
Language Proficiency
CLB 700
CLB 805
CLB 9 or more10
Ph.D. from a University in Saskatchewan20
Master or Professional degree from a university in Saskatchewan 15
Two or more Canadian degrees or diplomas of at least 3 years10
Undergraduate degree of three years from a recognized university in Saskatchewan 05
A post-secondary diploma of at least two years from a college in Saskatchewan05
Economic Benefit
If your business is situated in Regina or Saskatoon00
If it is situated within  Regina or Saskatoon CMA05
If the business is located outside Regina or Saskatoon CMA10
The location of the business is in a Saskatchewan community with fewer than 5000 residents.15
Business is in a priority sector or is innovative25
If your spouse or legal partner has completed a full-time educational course of at least 2 years from an institution in Saskatchewan, or is enrolled in one and has studied for at least one year. 
Your spouse or legal partner has been continuously working full-time for at least 6 months in Saskatchewan at the time you submit an Expression of Interest.

Application Process

The application process for the SINP International Graduate Entrepreneur can be outlined in the steps below:

  • Submitting an Expression of Interest: Once you have ensured that you meet all the eligibility requirements, submit an EOI to the SINP. An EOI demonstrates your interest in provincial nomination through the Saskatchewan International Graduate Entrepreneur pathway. Once you submit your EOI, the SINP will rank you according to the assessment grid. The higher your score, the better your chances to get an Invitation to Submit an Application (ISA) letter. There is no fee for the submission of EOI.
  • Getting an ITA and Signing the Business Performance Agreement (BPA): Once you get an ITA, submit a complete application to the SINP within 30 days. After its successful assessment, you would be called for a final interview and present a Business Establish Plan or BEP. After the interview is successful, you will be sent a Business Performance Agreement. The BPA will be based on the Business Establishment Plan (BEP). You must sign and submit the BPA to SINP within 20 days.
  • SINP Approval Letter: Once the SINP receives your signed BPA and approves of it, you will receive an Approval Letter. 
  • Establishment of Business: After getting the SINP Approval Letter, you will establish, purchase, or continue to manage the business as stated in the BPA and BEP. 
  • Business Establishment Progress Report: Submit a BEP progress report within 12 months or one year of receiving the Approval letter.
  • Getting Provincial Nomination: After you have submitted the Business Establishment Progress report, and have successfully operated the business as mentioned in the Business Performance Agreement, the SINP will nominate you for the International Graduate Entrepreneur category. You will receive:
    • A nomination certification from the SINP
    • SINP will also send a nomination certificate to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)
    • Information to further apply for Canada PR through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

Apply for Canada PR within 6 months or 180 days of becoming a provincial nominee.

Documents Checklist

A complete document checklist for the SINP International Graduate Entrepreneur will vary according to individual profiles. However, a list of mandatory documents for most cases is listed below:

  • Passport
  • Academic transcripts
  • Language test results
  • Post Graduate Work Permit
  • Saskatchewan Health Card
  • Proof of address such as utility bills, signed lease agreement, driver’s license, etc.
  • Chartered Accountant certificate for SINP International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream
  • Proof of funds
  • Receipts of business purchase such as receipts for land, building, furniture, software, license, franchise fees, inventory, start-up and operating expenses, etc.
  • Proof of job creation and maintenance
  • Payroll documents

To demonstrate Business Ownership you must submit:

  • Business Name Registration
  • Article of Incorporation (if required)
  • Shareholder’s Agreement (if required)
  • Shareholder Registry (if applicable)
  • Partnership Agreement (If required)
  • Signed Franchise agreement (if applicable)
  • Business License
  • Permits from the city or town where the business is situated
  • Photographs of business premises
  • Financial statements

Documents to demonstrate business management

  • Contracts with suppliers
  • Contracts with customers
  • Samples of paperwork in everyday business operations
  • Canceled Business cheques

All the documents must either be in English or French. In case they are in any other language:

  • Upload the original documents along with their translated copies.
  • The translator must be verified and must not be your family members or friends.

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