Attention Job Seekers! 150000 Current Jobs in Canada

Attention Job Seekers! 150000 Current Jobs in Canada

The Government of Canada added 150,000 more new jobs for job seekers in January 2023, the bloomberg survey released the news very first. The unemployment rate in Canada is still at 5 %, and this is the 5th continuous month that Canada added in demand jobs. As we all know, Canada is suffering from a huge labour shortage and the demand of skilled foreign workers is increasing in Canada so that’s why they released a huge Current Job in Canada for immigrants, students and temporary workers. Also the bank jobs in Canada are in huge demand nowadays.

Jobs in Canada September 2022

The Government of Canada added 326,000 jobs in September 2022. These jobs helped to increase employment to more than 20 million. The prediction shows that they added 4,000 jobs in December 2022. But the prediction went wrong and the employers in Canada added 70,000 jobs in December.

The population growth of Canada has also increased due to the continuous immigration process. Due to Canada’s education system and Career opportunities, a huge number of students are immigrating to Canada, and also temporary workers too. 

The employment has increased in many Canadian provinces which includes Ontario, Quebec and Alberta. Because of continuous canada immigration of skilled workers, the average hourly wage has risen up by 5.5 percent. 

What are the types of Canada Work Visa for Indians ?

There are 2 types of Canada Work Visa for Indians, candidates can apply for one of these work visas.
1. Open Work Permit:
This Allows candidates to work with any employer in Canada but make sure it cannot be able to work for employers who are listed as ineligible in NOC codes. This type of work visa is specially for workers who are in vulnerable situations and who have been a victim of abuse under the temporary foreign worker program.
2. Employer-Specific Work Visa:
This visa allows applicants to work only for employers written in the visa documents, visa holders should have to follow all the instructions mentioned in the work permit. 
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  1. Your article was exceptionally good regarding information on the NOC codes that I have been seeking. I need a job with NOC code 0621 but did not know what they were. Thank you. Still need seeing that NOC 0621 job

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