British Columbia Draw Invites 211 Immigrants at Only 60 Cut-Off

British Columbia Draw Invites 211 Immigrants at Only 60 Cut-Off

The British Columbia draw of 13th June, 2023, was successful in inviting a huge number of people to work there. 

The focus of these draws were to invite candidates from work industries such as healthcare and childcare sectors. However, there was also a general draw where some candidates from the tech industry received invitations too. 

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British Columbia Draws 13 June, 2023 

Date: 13 June

ITAs: 211

Minimum Score: General Draw- 87, Targeted Draw- 60

Category- General (including Tech), Targeted (healthcare, and childcare educators)

In the most recently conducted draws of British Columbia, 211 candidates got the opportunity to apply for PR. The Canadian province has been looking for workers to fulfill the labor shortages. 

Just like other provinces and territories of Canada, British Columbia is also searching for laborers and skilled workers to satisfy it’s workforce needs. The labor market of British Columbia is lacking in certain industries such as healthcare sector and technical sector. 

How are we so sure? Because the main focus of the province has been on inviting candidates especially from these sectors. Lately, all the draws stly been targeting these categories, and if a draw was general then it at least was including the tech industry. 

Details of This BC PNP Draw

As you can see, this is a PNP draw, meaning individual provinces conducted these Provincial Nominee Programs. Every province has a different PNP with a different name. And, they are allocated a certain number of immigrants that they can invite in a year.

However, this is not the case with Quebec. Quebec has a separate immigration system and it decides how many candidates to invite and from which categories on its own. 

Let’s go back to British Columbia. 

As we can see, candidates from various categories such as tech, healthcare, and childcare educators. From various streams those candidates belonged.

Let’s break down this information below for clearer understanding.

General Draws

  • A total of 170 candidates received invitations. Tech workers were included too. 
  • Stream from which candidates were invited are- Skilled Worker, Skilled Worker (Express Entry British Columbia option), International Graduate, International Graduate (EEBC option), and Entry level and Semi-Skilled. 
  • Minimum score for each stream was-

Skilled Worker, Skilled Worker (Express Entry British Columbia option)- 104

International Graduate, International Graduate (EEBC option)- 107

Entry level and Semi-Skilled- 87

Targeted Draws

  • The first targeted draw was for inviting candidates from childcare sector. 
  • A total of 23 invitations were sent out. 
  • Candidates from streams- Skilled Workers and International Graduates (EEBC option)- received invitations to apply for PR. 
  • The minimum score threshold was 60 for either stream. 
  • The second draw basically targeted healthcare  industry. 
  • Though only 18 invitations were sent out, the minimum score remained the same as the other targeted draw. 
  • Along with the minimum score being the same, the streams from which candidates were invited was same too. 

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