New Immigration Pathways in Canada to Help Refugees Find Jobs


Under the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP), there are going to be two new immigration pathways in Canada. These programs will help refugees and dislocated people find themselves a job in the country. 

The immigration pathways will prove to be very helpful since it is helping those people who are no longer able to live in their home country. So, instead they can come to Canada and build a new home. 

With these two programs, anyone could find a job abroad easily, especially in Canada as the nation is even looking for workers. 

Let’s dig deeper into this news below!

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What is the news release about? 

On 12th June, 2023, a news release from IRCC came about the launch of two new immigration pathways under the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot. 

The immigration minister, Sean Fraser, announced the launch of two new EMPP streams. This was initially a commitment made by Fraser on 27th March, 2023, that is now becoming a reality. 

Apart from immigration from the new pathways, candidates can still use the already existing EMPP economy programs that are available regionally to immigrate to Canada. 

Canada has always been in a leading role when it comes to making humanitarian commitments and fulfilling them. And once again, this country is proving to be quite humane by creating opportunities for those who are looking for a place to fit in. 

What are the new Streams?

Under EMPP, there will be two new kinds of streams using which people can immigrate to Canada. The first one will be via EMPP Federal Skills Job Offer Stream. As the name suggests, candidates would require a job offer from an employer who is Canadian to Immigrate.  

Under this stream, Canada would have a chance at calling immigrants from particular work sectors such as technical and engineering. These industries are also in the middle of requiring a huge number of immigrants to fill up its workforce. 

Work sectors in need of workers are- truck and service drivers, long-term care aides, nurse aides, warehouse workers, logistics, technicians, tourism and hospitality workers, web designers, personal support workers, mechanical and electrical engineers. 

The second one is called the EMPP Federal Skills Without a Job Offer Stream. Again, you can understand who this stream is targeting. 

In some sectors, there’s so much work available that even if a candidate does not have a job offer, they can easily find one after arriving in Canada. Hence, some candidates with highly specialized skills will not need a job offer to enter Canada. 

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