British Columbia PNP draws Offers PR! Grab the Opportunity Now!

British Columbia PNP draws Offers PR! Grab the Opportunity Now!

It seems there has been a great demand for healthcare workers in Canada. First, Alberta new immigration program, Designated Healthcare Pathway, was launched for healthcare workers specifically. And, now British Columbia PNP Draws once again are targeting healthcare workers especially. In the recently released draws of 25th April, 2023, a total of 168 invitations were issued. To know the CRS cut off, and what are the minimum requirements of applying in this program, stay with us through the whole news. 

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ITAs Issued- 25th April 

British Columbia has released its draws for the week. The province of Canada is set to invite a total of 168 candidates to work in the province. Along with working, the candidates would also have the shining opportunity to live in Canada! We think this is a quite a splendid opportunity to grab. 

The round of draws this time are of targeted draws only. It means the Canadian province will be inviting only specific candidates from particular occupations. And which occupations are in high demand as of now? Tech, Childcare, and Healthcare, of course! 

The targeted Tech occupations have received 113 invitations. Candidates from this occupation could receive permanent residency if they qualify for the same. Another targeted draws are for workers in Childcare occupations, and Healthcare occupations. The difference between the number of invitations between the two is of only one invitation. Childcare occupations have 28 invitations to it, while around 27 invitations are for Healthcare occupation.

You can take a look at the images below to verify the numbers yourself. The images are taken directly from the website of British Columbia.


CRS Cut-Off

When you register yourself as a potential candidate who wishes to register themselves for immigration to Canada, you make a profile for the same, right? Upon making a profile, you also receive a particular CRS score or Comprehensive Ranking System score which are calculated using many factors. 

Whenever there’s a draw of any province or territory or even the draws of Express Entry, there’s a particular requirement to have a minimum score. Some provinces may have their own scoring system, but most of the provinces accept CRS ranking. Let’s come back to the latest British Columbia draws of 25th April. Below are the CRS cut-off issued for each occupation. 

  • Tech occupations- 90
  • Childcare occupations- 60 
  • Healthcare occupation- 60

If you have a CRS score that is more than or equal to the numbers listed adove, you might have received an invitation to grab the permanent residency of British Columbia. Now, go ahead and start working there so you can fulfill your Canadian dream! 

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