Canada’s Tech Talent Strategy to Fulfill the Need of Tech Workers

Canada’s Tech Talent Strategy to Fulfill the Need of Tech Workers

Canada announced some new measures on 27 June, 2023, so that it could invite more global tech talent. The Immigration Minister Sean Fraser made this announcement of IRCC launching Tech Talent Strategy. Other important announcements regarding launching a new immigration stream, streamlining H-1B visa applications, etc, were also made. Together, these draws are called Canada’s Tech Talent Strategy. 

Those with a US H-1B visa can work in Canada and get a Canadian work visa which could be up to three years valid. All these and some more measures are to accelerate the number of tech workers in the country so that the tech industry could recuperate. 

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About Canada’s Tech Talent Strategy 

This new strategy launched on 27th June, 2023, is for the sole purpose of paving paths to invite more tech workers in Canada. Under the Tech Talent Strategy, many measures are taken. Let’s shed some light on them below:-

  • Improvement of labor mobility in North America. This will happen as open work permits would be provided to H-1B special visa holders so they could work in Canada. 
  • New improvements to the Start-up Visa, the Global Skills Strategy, and other tech programs. 
  • Canada will start attracting digital nomads. 
  • There’s going to be a new innovation stream under the International Mobility Program (IMP).                                                                                                                                                                    

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Open Work Permits for H-1B Visa Holders  

There’s an abundance of tech workers in North America. And some even work in companies that have large occupations in both the US and Canada. Moreover, those immigrants who are working in the US have an H-1B visa. Now this new measure is for such visa holders. 

Tech workers with an H-1B visa in the US would be able to utilize their tech skills in Canada. They would receive an open work permit which will let them work for any employer during the three years validity. Moreover, they can even take their spouse, children, and family members with them to Canada. Dependents can apply for a temporary resident visa along with a work/study permit. 

Though this is a temporary measure, it would still be available until around 10,000 applications are submitted under this measure. 

Improvements in Tech Programs

The existing tech programs of Canada, such as the Global Skills Strategy and the Start-up Visa programs to name a few, are set to be improved. 

The Global Skills Strategy helps employers in Canada find highly skilled international workers. Now because of the pandemic, the application processing times were delayed which often caused backlogs. However, IRCC announced that the application processing times will be back to how they were before the pandemic. 

Under the Start-up Visa program, more spots were opened up for talented workers. And, because of the earlier lengthy wait times in application processing, these candidates will become able to apply for an open work permit, valid for 3 years which will be for their own start-up only. 

Attracting Digital Nomads 

IRCC is trying to make Canada a place where digital nomads would be attracted to. Under current rules and regulations, these digital nomads can only stay in Canada for about 6 months while they work for some foreign employer. However, by making Canada popular among digital nomads, IRCC eventually hopes that these digital nomads would stay longer in Canada and seek employment in Canada. 

New Immigration Stream Under the International Mobility Program

The aim of launching a new immigration stream under the International  Mobility Program is to make it easier for tech workers to come to Canada. It is set to launch by the end of 2023. 

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