Deportation of Indian Students: Canada Govt to Investigate Further

Deportation of Indian Students: Canada Govt to Investigate Further

This case of deportation of Indian students surfaced in March when hundreds of fake offer letters came to light. The news shocked both the universities and the students as even the students themselves didn’t know that they were duped by their immigration agency, or so they claim. 

These 700 or so students are facing deportation after the authorities found out their fake admission letters. 

However, the students have been protesting against the same and the Canada govt has come forward to offer assistance. 

What does the PM say?

In a debate in the Parliament regarding the matters of deporting Indian students back to their home country, PM Justin Trudeau said, “We are deeply aware of the cases of international students facing removal orders over fraudulent college acceptance letters. To be clear, our focus is on identifying the culprits, not penalising the victims.”

Since the prime minister of the country has offered to investigate further into the matter, it gives hope to the students at risk of deportation. These students came to Canada with big dreams and ambitions, but now they are pleading for justice for themselves and their dream of studying abroad.

What did the Indian Govt do?

According to S Jaishankar, the government of India is discussing the matter with the Canada Government. The assurance from the governments came as the students, away from their homelands, took to the streets and called on authorities to look into the matter. 

S Jaishankar said, “From the very start, the MEA and the high commission have taken up their case. The culpable parties should be punished. The latest report is that Canadians accept that it would be unfair if the student has done no wrong, they accept the idea that they have to find a solution to it. I feel the Canadian system is fair in that regard.”

The government of Canada values the contribution that Indian students have made in Canada. Hence, the government is intent on finding the culprits, and investigating each case thoroughly. 

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