Earn 78K+ with Truck Driving Jobs in Canada- SK Has Most Jobs!

Earn 78K+ with Truck Driving Jobs in Canada- SK Has Most Jobs!

This may be a good time for those looking for jobs in abroad for Indians as Saskatchewan (SK) is hiring truck drivers quite aggressively. Even though it is a known fact that Saskatchewan is not that big of a province, it still has the biggest number of truck driving jobs in Canada than any other province as per capita. 

Since there was a desperate need for truck drivers in this Prairie province, in the beginning of June, there were around 118 jobs in the capital of the province, Regina, and around 53 jobs in the Saskatoon area. 

Jobs in Saskatchewan: Truck Drivers in Need 

We know that there’s a constant struggle to hire more skilled workers in Canada. There’s hardly any region left in the country that is not welcoming immigrants to work there. And so, every province and territory of Canada has been inviting skilled professionals from all over the world to come and work there. 

As the population of Canada is growing, it only just recently hit 40 million because of immigrants, we can say that the country vastly depends on these foreign nationals for various things. Not just to help in the growth of local economies but also contributing to Canadian society is the work of immigrants. 

In this regard, the Canadian Prairie province of Saskatchewan is coming forward to offer a considerable number of jobs in the transportation industry. Apart from not having enough truck drivers in this sector as a reason to invite more immigrants, there’s one more reason why Saskatchewan is looking for more skilled workers, which is the aging workforce. 

How Much is the Median Wage? 

With a truck driving job in Saskatchewan, one can earn around $25 on an hourly basis. This is the average median hourly wage, and the lower end of the hourly wage could be around $16 while the upper end even consists of $32 per hour. 

To say it simply, you could earn anywhere from $16 in an hour to $32 per hour based on various factors, such as which employer you are working for, are you good at your job, do you receive bonuses, etc. 

On the name of work location, those working in the Yorkton-Melville region even have the chance to earn around $40 in an hour! This means $78,000 in an average year. 

With the transportation companies looking for young skilled workers to replace the retiring and replenish the aging workforce, the federal as well as the provincial government of Canada has been making it easier for immigrants to acquire a work visa. 

Moreover, since truck driver jobs were recently added to the list of occupations to be targeted in the soon releasing category based Express Entry draws, it is expected that a huge number of workers would be invited through it. 

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