Canada Population Hit 40 M, Here’s How Immigrants Contributed

Canada’s population hit 40 M, and the credit goes to the immigrants who migrated to the country. Because of the outstanding Immigration Level Plans of Canada, the nation has been able to invite so many foreign nationals. The aim of such a huge amount of immigration is to fortify the labor market with skilled workers and reduce the labor shortage felt in various industries. 

At 3 pm of 16th June, 2023, the real-time population clock of Statistics Canada hit the record of 40 million people. The target population of 30 million people was recorded back in 1997. And it is estimated that if the immigration trends continue as it is, Canada would have 50 million people living on its soil as soon as 2043. 

As Canada has been so actively inviting immigrants to settle down and work there, it might be a good idea for job hunters to start looking for a job abroad . Who knows, maybe they do find a nice job offer and could turn their life around by working in Canada. 

Growing Population of Canada 

As the population of Canada surpassed the record of 40 million on 16th June, it has since been ever growing. After the “real time clock” of Statistic Canada hit the epic number, the chief statistician, Anil Arora, shared his thoughts in a media statement. He said, “This is an exciting milestone for Canada. It is a strong signal that Canada remains a dynamic and welcoming country, full of potential.”

In this statement, we can sense that the chief statistician recognizes the value of immigrants and how much they contribute to the country. The population of Canada has been able to grow so much because of all the immigrants pouring in the country. 

Contribution of Immigrants to Canada

Since last year, the population of Canada has increased and now accommodates 1.05 million more people. Where did these people come from? The initial population of Canada is growing older and hence, the natural birth rate is not that high. So, what made the population of Canada jump to those numbers?

Well, according to Statistics Canada, it is the result of both temporary and permanent immigration. According to the immigration plans of Canada, the country has been welcoming over 400,000 immigrants every year. In 2022, it invited over 437,000 new permanent residents, and the plans of 2023 are to welcome more than 465,000 permanent residents. 

This doesn’t end here, by 2025, Canada has clear intentions of inviting 500,000 immigrants and giving them permanent residency. 

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