ESDC Increases the Federal Minimum Wage to $17.30/hour

From April 1, 2024, the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) is increasing the federal minimum wage to $17.30 per hour. The current minimum wage in Canada is $16.65. 

This increase in the minimum wage reflects the rise in inflation in Canada and aims to diminish the effects of the same by providing people with a chance to earn better. It is not a hidden fact that many people work part-time jobs even after being employed at a full-time one or that many work for low minimum wage jobs and hence, struggle to keep up with the rising costs. 

Hopefully, the increase in minimum wage should help such individuals. This is a 3.9% increase in the minimum wage from last year’s wages. Moreover, according to the ESDC, about 30,000 workers in the private sector should be able to take advantage of this increase. 

The employers in Canada will have to adjust the income of their workers from 1st April 2024 accordingly. Since the provincial minimum wage and the federal minimum wage differ, provincial governments are expected to pay the highest of the two wages to their employers. 

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Current Minimum Wages of Canadian Provinces & Territories

  • Alberta- $15/hour
  • British Columbia- $16.75/hour
  • Saskatchewan- $14/hour
  • Ontario- $15.50/hour
  • Northwest Territories- $16.05/hour
  • Nunavut- $16/hour
  • Quebec- $15.25/hour
  • Manitoba- $15.80/hour (from 1st Apr)
  • Nova Scotia- $15.20/hour (from 1st Apr)
  • New Brunswick- $15.30/hour (from 1st Apr)
  • Prince Edward Island- $15.40/hour (from 1st Apr)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador- $15.60/hour (from 1st Apr)
  • Yukon- $17.59/hour (from 1st Apr)

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