Family of Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada can Get Work Permit

Family of Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada can Get Work Permit

Now the families of temporary foreign workers can take their family to Canada on their work permit. This is wonderful news for all the temporary foreign workers living in Canada away from their families. Temporary foreign workers in Canada can now get work permits for their family members on a temporary basis. Read till the end to know more on TFW work permit in Canada.

Why is Canada allowing work permits for families of Temporary Foreign Workers?

Though temporarily, the TFWs in Canada are now allowed to bring their family members to Canada with them. This means the family of a temporary foreign worker will be eligible for a work permit. This also means that the family member would be able to work in Canada too.The good news for the family members came on 30th January.

There is a labor shortage throughout the country. And, in order to overcome this shortage, Canada is inviting workers from all over the world. These workers will help grow the economy.

However this might not have been enough. That’s why Canada has now allowed the family members of temporary skilled workers to come to the country on work permits and work there as well.

By doing so, Canada wishes for the labor shortage to be healed, to some point. The Canadian government is working meticulously to improve the situation and it looks like the crisis of labor shortage would be averted soon as well.

This temporary measure will take place in three phases.

Who is Eligible?

These new measures will provide work permits to spouses, dependent children or common-law partners only. However, these temporary foreign workers also need to be someone involved in training, education, experience and responsibilities (TEER).

Principal applicants and those with open work permits are eligible to apply for this work permit too.

Spouses, dependent children, or common-law partners of an economic class PR applicant are eligible to apply as well, and work in the country along with the temporary foreign worker.

This new measure allows children of age 16 years or even older of all principal applicants to apply for work permits. Apart from them, families of workers in trades, hospitality and healthcare can apply too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a TFW bring their family to Canada?
Absolutely, yes! Under new measures taken by the government of Canada, temporary foreign workers in Canada can bring their spouses, common-law partners, or dependent children with them to Canada. Canada is allowing family members work permits to grow the workforce.
How long can a TFW stay in Canada?
There is no limited time for  a TFW to stay in Canada. It may depend on the Canadian employer the worker is working for or on other factors.
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