For Indian Study Visa Fraud Victims, Canada Will Give a Chance

For Indian Study Visa Fraud Victims, Canada Will Give a Chance

Not long ago, the news of hundreds of Indian students involved in visa fraud in Canada made headlines. As a consequence, Canada sent deportation orders to those involved. However, was it really the fault of students? Or were the fraudsters in the wrong? 

This is what the Indian students asked as they received letters announcing their deportation. 

However, the Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship and Canada has made clear that it will look over these cases and find out the real culprits, not penalize students. 

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700+ Indians Students Involved in Immigration Fraud

There were more than 700 students involved in this scandal that sparked several universities to reject Indian students’ applications. 

These Indian students were found with fake admission university letters. And this resulted in them receiving deportation letters from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). 

When the case was investigated, authorities found that a Jalandhar based agency had been deceiving students from 2018 to 2022. Over the time period, this agency filed around 700+ study visa applications, promising students high pristine colleges. 

However, this is not what happened when these students came to Canada, they were turned from the selected universities. This led them to start studying at colleges of lesser level as they wanted to continue their studies. 

Moreover, these students completed their studies, and even further met the work requirements so that they could work in Canada. On top of that, some of these students even filed for Canadian permanent residence. 

But once the sham visa applications were discovered, they received letters ordering them to go back to their homeland. 

Will the Govt do Justice?

IRCC Minister, Sean Fraser, tweeted to affirm students, “To be clear, our focus is on identifying culprits, not penalizing victims. Victims of fraud will have an opportunity to demonstrate their situation and present evidence to support their case.”

Fraser recognizes the contributions that international students make in the country, this is why he has been backing up victims and talking openly about the investigations. 

To do so, Canada will take help from educational institutions and identify the sammers. 

Hence, we can see that the federal government is not just focused on punishing students who were already victims, but on opening up investigations that will lead to the search of actual fraudsters. 

The CBSA is a lot more skeptical, since it does not believe that a single agent did all that. Still, the victims are given a chance to prove their innocence. 

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