Wonderous Opportunity for Truck Drivers! Canada is Hiring!

Wonderous Opportunity for Truck Drivers! Canada is Hiring!

Welcome those searching the internet for “Truck Drivers Canada”. We have some very good news for you all. Canada is looking for truck drivers to fill up its almost always open vacancies. 

The Canadian federal government decided to include this job occupation to Express Entry and make it one of targeted occupations in the upcoming draws. 

This decision is in correlation with the news of the latest update on Express Entry Canada . We heard that Canada would be targeting specific occupations in the coming draws to reduce labor shortages in those industries. 

If you are interested, you should give this news a read. We’ll talk about which opportunity is right for you too. 

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Which Opportunity to Go For? 


The thing about long-haul truck drivers is that they get to enjoy long rides to the Canada-US borders or between provinces and territories as they transport goods. Moreover, they get paid well since they spend a lot more time on the road compared to other categories of truck drivers. 

If you like socializing with people you meet on the road, this might be the right job for you. Long-haul truck drivers get to enjoy the peace and scenery of the suburban areas while making deliveries. 

And while you have to cover long distances, you get to meet people coming from different cultural backgrounds, and ethnicities and interact with them. This could be a really nice experience for truck drivers, on top of receiving a good salary as they have to drive for extended hours. 


As the name suggests, these are truck drivers that specialize in certain things that other drivers can’t do such as handling temperature-controlled cargo. 

Some cargo needs to be delivered by drivers who specialize in handling cargo whose temperature needs to be maintained. If the goods need to be transported before they perish or breakdown, they need to be delivered on time and under the right conditions. 

Apart from that, some goods are hazardous, thus they need delivery persons who can follow protocols and regulations to deliver them safely. 


The biggest advantage of being a local or regional truck driver is they get to come home daily. Since they don’t need to travel interprovincial, they get to spend nights at their home. Something that long-haul truck drivers dearly miss out on. 

A local truck driver only drives within a specific city, or province, and this makes it easier for them to drive faster as they are already aware of the local routes. 

Moreover, being a local truck driver, you can plan your work ahead and get it done faster as you know about the local roads, the traffic patterns, and your delivery locations. 

Furthermore, they usually have scheduled work, leading to higher work-life balance. 


Do you enjoy freedom? Don’t like working for someone other than yourself? Then become an owner-operator! An owner-operator is someone who owns the truck, makes their own work schedule, negotiates the deal prices and keeps the larger part of the profit. 

You get to have the freedom to choose your own clients, and routes, making it a more fulfilling as well as convenient job. 

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