Future of CRS score: Will the score go Up or Down in 2024?

The Express Entry draws’ CRS score cut-offs of 2023 were on a much higher pedestal than the usual cut-off scores. It has made us all ask one question: will the CRS cut-off continue to rise just like it did in the last year or will there be any relief for low-scoring candidates in 2024?

Predicting the CRS cut-off scores for 2024

Upon analyzing the last year’s Express Entry draws where the CRS cut-off even went up as far as 791 in one case, we conclude that the scores may rise. 

With the introduction of Category-based Express Entry draws back in 2023, the need for workers in specific occupations has increased. Through the category-based draws, Canada’s particular industries that are in shortage of workers, get to heave a sigh of relief. 

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Since more workers are being targeted through category-based selection, the CRS scores for such occupations have dropped. On the other hand, when the general draws of Express Entry are held, the CRS scores pretty much rise. 

This is because the job market of Canada, in particular sectors, is facing a lot of burden at the moment. With the housing crisis going on, Canada needs to welcome more immigrants from the construction industry. 

Similarly, the healthcare industry of Canada is also in need of hiring more professionals to deal with the ongoing demand. 

Now, if you take a look at the general draw type of Express Entry, it invites candidates if they meet the requirements. These candidates could be from the Federal Skilled Worker program, the Federal Skilled Trades program, or the Canadian Experience Class

This means the pool of eligible candidates expands and thus, the CRS score has to be competitive enough to only select the necessary number of immigrants. 

Thus, the CRS score might go up for general Express Entry draws in 2024. 

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