When Should You Update Your Express Entry Profile?

When should you Update your Express Entry Profile

To enter the Express Entry system you should make an Express Entry profile. An express entry profile includes all the important details such as your age, training, language capacity, work history, and many others. Once your Express Entry profile is created, you will be assigned a CRS score. After its creation, an Express Entry profile is valid for a year. During this time period an immigrant is free to constantly update the profile to ensure they secure the maximum CRS points possible. 

Updating your Express Entry profile is crucial to ensure that you score the maximum CRS points possible. Moreover, some applicants might take specific measures to improve their Comprehensive Ranking System score. 

How to update your express entry profile?

Go to the primary page of your account

  • Look down to “continue with my profile/application, not yet submitted”
  • Pick the line with your Express Entry Profile
  • Click “continue with Profile” button

When you are on the “Express Entry profile” page go to the update form page:

  • Click the “Update form” button for the “form Name” you need to update in your express profile.
  • Roll out the improvements you need to the fields
  • Click the “Save and exit” button at the lower part of the page to return to the “Express Entry Profile” page.

Can I update my express entry profile?

In the event that you weren’t viewed as eligible, you will not have the option to update your express entry profile. You’ll need to make another profile. Be certain your profile is finished and correct before you submit it.

Assuming that your profile was viewed as eligible for the pool, you can in any case update it after you’ve submitted it. Follow these means:

  • On the main page of your express entry profile , go to the part “View the applications you submitted”.
  • Click on “check full application status”.
  • On the “Express Entry profile status” page, click on the “View your profile” under the heading “Your Express Entry profile status”.
  • On the “Express Entry profile” page, click on the “Update structure” button for the segment you need to change.
  • Roll out any improvements you really want to, and afterward click the “Save and exit” button at the lower part of the page.
  • When you finish updating your profile, click on the “continue” button at the lower part of the page. Adhere to the guidelines given to present your updated profile.

My express entry profile is ineligible?

In the event that you’ve been seen as not eligible, you should make another profile. An ineligible profile is at this point not valid so you can’t transform it, regardless of whether you have new data.

You will in any case need to meet the Express Entry requirements that are set up. In this way, except if you committed an error in your first profile or your conditions have changed (for instance, you have new language test results, or have advanced in age), there is a decent opportunity you will be found ineligible in the future.

You can survey the requirements and see which ones you didn’t meet. This can assist you with tracking down how to meet the requirement so you can apply once more.

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