Good News! Canada to Invest in Expanding Tourism Business

On 19th May, 2023 The honorable Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Minister of Official Languages and Minister responsible for ACOA, and Heath MacDonald, Member of Parliament for malpeque, will speak about a multi-million dollar Government of Canada to invest in expanding tourism business. This announcement may motivate people to explore Canada! 

Tourism in Canada

Tourism has always been an important part of Canada’s development. Worldwide visitors were draw to the bustling frontier towns and striving metropolis, beautiful landscape, unusual animals, and other natural beauties. Tourism is seeing as a method for provincial and territory governments, as well as business and community leaders, to attract newcomers and investors to their towns.

How Tourism Is Beneficial for Canada Economy

Tourism is an essential aspect of the Canadian economy, providing jobs and growth in every province. It contributes about 2.1% of Canada’s GDP and 3.1% of total exports, directly supports 7,39,700 jobs (or 3.9% of total employment), and produces more than CAD 100 billion in tourism spending each year.

How to Classified Jobs in Tourism:

Tourism jobs are classified in two ways:

  1. The total number of jobs in industries that rely heavily on tourism for a large amount of their revenue, such as lodging, passenger transportation, food and beverage, entertainment and recreation, and travel services.
  1. Jobs directly supported by tourism – the proportion of jobs in the economy that serve visitors rather than local customers. These are occupations that are not exist if visitors did not exist; for example, in food and beverage, a portion caters to local clients, and the piece that caters to tourists is included in this figure.

Final Word

The global COVID-19 outbreak had a major effect on the Canadian tourism economy. So, the government’s announcement that “Canada to Invest in Expanding Tourism Business” is positively impacting the Canadian tourism economy. The Canadian government’s efforts to focus on more growth-oriented, profitable emerging countries in order to expand tourism interests and help Canada realize its tourism potential.

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