The Cheapest DLI Programs for International Students!

Good News! The cheapest DLI programs for international students. However, Canadian Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) with the lowest tuition prices for programs that would help international students gain jobs in Canada’s most in-demand employment sectors. So, it is fair to think that international students who come to Canada will lean toward educational programs that will prepare them for professions in these in-demand industries. So, it fulfills your dream to study abroad.

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The Cheapest DLI Programs for International Students

The cheapest DLI programs and three most in-demand jobs in Canada for international students, according to Randstad, an employment agency and consultancy organization with over 60 years of industry experience are developers, human resource managers, and mechanical engineers.

1. Developers:

Developers ranked 1 position on Randstad’s list of the 15 best jobs trending in Canada in 2023. So, according to Randstad, “developers design and code programs based on user needs: from smartphone apps to business accounting software to operating systems.”

Cheapest Developers Program for International Students

People in this position typically have a background in computer science. All ten DLIs evaluated offer computer science programs, with UPEI, UNB, and Memorial offering the cheapest.

So, the tuition for a full year of undergraduate international students at UPEI is expected to be $6,750 for programs in the Faculty of Science. So, Undergraduate international students in the computer science degree will spend $19,360 in tuition per year, according to the most recent UNB data. Finally, Memorial University in Newfoundland offers an estimated $20,000 international student tuition.

2. Human Resource Manager:

According to Randstad, HR managers are the second most in-demand career in Canada. In general, those in these positions “oversee the company’s human resource functions, including recruitment and workforce management.”

Cheapest HR Program for International Students

Again, all assessed DLIs provide an HR-related degree, though some offer full four-year undergraduate programs while others offer certificate programs that may be finished in less than a year. However, the most cheap HR programs for international students can be found at:

  • Dalhousie: around $3,135
  • UPEI: around $6,750 (annual tuition)
  • Memorial: around $20,000

3. Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineering will become Canada’s third most in-demand job in 2023. Mechanical engineers contribute to “developing and designing machines that solve human problems, as well as finding ways to control and automate manufacturing systems and solve various environmental problems.”

Cheapest Mechanical Engineers Program for International Students

Mechanical engineering programs for international students are most affordable at UPEI, UNB, and Memorial. However, the following are their annual foreign student tuition estimates:

UPEI: around $6,750

Memorial: around $20,000

UNB: around $21,337 (for undergraduate international students in the Faculty of Engineering)

However, UofT and UManitoba offer the most expensive tuition rates for international students seeking to study mechanical engineering. 

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