Hong Kongers can now get Canada PR with 1 Yr Work Experience

Hong Kongers can now get Canada PR with 1 Yr Work Experience

To further continue supporting Hong Kong via immigration, on 11th July, Canada announced that it will remove educational requirements for Stream B applicants. This means if the candidate meets other requirements, then Hong Kongers can now get Canada PR with 1 yr work experience only. This change of letting former Hong Kong residents apply for Canada PR without needing to show educational qualifications will initiate starting 15 August 2023. 

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How will Canada make immigration easier for Hong Kongers? 

Canada announced on 11 July that the process of getting permanent residency will become easier for former Hong Kong residents living in Canada. Now, if they have at least 1 year of Canadian work experience, then they don’t need to show proof of education at the time of PR application. This change will be implemented starting 15 August. 

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This removal of education requirements will benefit in attracting global talent to start working in Canada. More and more workers form Hong Kong, who have Canadian work experience, would find this measure enchanting as it’s giving them an easier chance to apply for Canadian PR and stay in Canada longer. Hong Kongers would bring their unique perspective and uncommon skills into the labor market of Canada, helping it expand in terms of talent. 

As mentioned, this new measure is only announced for applicants in the Stream B. Do you know about the permanent residence pathways for Hong Kong residents? Let’s know them below. 

Permanent Residence Pathways For Hong Kong Residents 

There are two pathways in total that help former Hong Kong residents, who are already living in Canada, to become permanent residents in Canada. Hong Kongers can apply for permanent residence via these 2 streams. These are- 

  • Stream A: In-Canada Graduates
  • Stream B: Canadian Work Experience

This policy was enacted from 1 June (2021), and will last through 31 August (2026).

Eligibility Requirements to apply for Canada PR for Hong Kongers 

Stream A: In-Canada Graduates 

  • The first requirement is that you must have a passport that is issued either by:
  1. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, or
  2. United Kingdom to a British National (Overseas) who is a person born, naturalized or registered in Hong Kong
  • The candidate needs to be physically present in Canada at the time of PR application as well as when they are becoming permanent resident
  • The candidate should already have temporary residence in Canada. 
  • Besides Quebec, the candidate needs to show intentions of living in any province/territory of Canada. 
  • They should have graduated from a post-secondary designated learning institution in Canada:
  1. in the last three years of application 
  2. They should have:
  • A diploma for a minimum of 2 years (which cannot be graduate or postgraduate)
  • Degree could be in associate, master’s, bachelor’s)
  • They could also have a diploma or certificate for a program of at least 1 year (graduate or postgraduate)
  1. A minimum of 50% of the candidate’s program should be completed in Canada. It could be done either in person or online also. 

Stream B: Canadian Work Experience

Almost all the eligibility requirements are the same as Stream A. With an exception of educational requirements being removed starting 15 August, 2023. 

But since this stream focuses on the candidates work experience, they need to have worked in Canada for at least 12 months full time. Or if they have done part time work, then it must be equivalent to the amount of full time work experience (1,560 hours) in the last 3 years before application. 

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