IRCC to use two new tools to expedite spousal applications


Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has taken some positive steps to expedite the processing time of spousal and partner applications under the Family Sponsorship program. IRCC has introduced two new tools that will automate the task of processing the majority of the applications. The routine cases will first be approved by the tool and then processed by an immigration officer. Only the IRCC officer will be making the final decision. 

IRCC has assured that the tools introduced will not be able to refuse applications or even recommend refusing them. IRCC will be using such advanced analytical tools and other automated technologies to improve processing times for applicants. 

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How will the tools process applications?

Since sponsorship applications are composed of two parts, the sponsorship part and the main applicant part, they have to be processed separately. One of the tools will process the first part of the application while the other focuses on the second. To process the applications, the automation tools will use data and previous application processing records as provided by IRCC. 

If an application is not approved by the tool, it will be sent to an immigration officer. Once the first part of the application is processed, the second tool will start processing the principal application using the routined processing way that IRCC uses. 

If the tool finds a routine application, it will check whether or not the applicant is eligible for sponsorship. In case the applicant isn’t found eligible, an immigration officer will review the application. 

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