Is Inland and Outland Sponsorship Different?

Is Inland and Outland Sponsorship Different?

A spousal sponsorship in Canada allows a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident to be with them as a permanent resident in Canada. To say it in simple language, if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and your spouse or partner is of another nationality, then you may sponsor them to come and be with you in Canada as a permanent resident. Now, to do this there are two ways. These ways are inland and outland sponsorship. Yes, they are different. Let’s understand how these two are not the same. 

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Inland Sponsorship

Under this sponsorship, the person who would be sponsored is already living in Canada with the person who will be sponsoring them. But they still need to be sponsored, so they go with this option. Moreover, in order to apply for this sponsorship, both the partners need to be eligible. There are a number of requirements that the sponsor as well as the sponsored must meet. Let’s check them out now, shall we? 

  • The first thing that is required is that the sponsor must already be a Canadian citizen or at least have permanent residence in Canada. If they have neither of those status, then of course they would not be able to apply for the sponsorship. 
  • Neither of the sponsored or the sponsor should be in jail, bankrupt, or charged with any serious offense. 
  • Both need to be older than 18 years or be 18 years of age. 
  • One more requirement is that the sponsor should not have sponsored anyone else 5 years prior to their current application.

Under the Inland sponsorship, you can only apply if your relationship is either of spouses or being common-law partners. Remember that if your relationship comes under the category of conjugal partners, then you cannot apply for an inland sponsorship. 

This sponsorship will allow the sponsored person to stay in Canada while the application is in the process. During this time, the sponsored person can also apply for a work permit and work too! Additionally, until the application is being processed, the sponsored person needs to be in Canada.

Outland Sponsorship

This sponsorship is for those spouses or partners who are foreign nationals and not living in Canada with the sponsor. The eligibility requirements to apply under this sponsorship are the same as Inland Sponsorship. 

What kind of relationship must you two be in order to apply for outland sponsorship? You can either be spouses, conjugal partners, or even common-law partners. 

One more thing that is great about outland sponsorship is that it allows the sponsored person to travel anywhere they need to while the sponsorship application is in process.

Now, after knowing the difference between the two sponsorships, we are sure you know which to apply for!

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