Latest Alberta Draws Invites 43 Candidates for PR


The latest Alberta draws conducted two separate draws on the same day. On 1 August, 2023, the Alberta draws were conducted. Chosen candidates belonged to Agriculture occupation, and Dedicated Healthcare Pathway. The lowest ranking candidate of both the streams had a score of 317. If you received an invitation from one of the previous draws of Alberta and you are already living there, you must be taking advantage of summer in Canada as Alberta in these months looks quite good! 

Latest Alberta Draws

Date: 1 Aug, 2023

Invitations: 43

Streams: Agriculture Occupation, Dedicated Healthcare Pathway 

Lowest Rank: Agriculture Occupation- 322; Dedicated Healthcare Pathway- 317

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Sector Priorities 

Alberta has some occupations prioritized as there’s a greater demand for workers in those occupations. Apart from agriculture occupation, the other priority occupations are- construction, tourism, and hospitality. Candidates from these occupations are invited under the Sector Priorities stream. And, yes, these candidates receive a chance to apply for Canada PR when Express Entry draws come out and if they receive an invitation. 

Moreover, the candidate must fulfill the requirements of that round and be eligible for the draws. There are other obligations as well which are specific to the candidate’s application and the draws. 

On 1 August, Alberta sent out 32 invitations to those with a CRS score of 322 or above. As mentioned above, the jobs of these candidates were listed under the agriculture occupation. 

Though there are more eligibility requirements, one of the main requirements is that the candidate must have a valid job offer from an employer in Alberta. If they did not have a job offer, they wouldn’t qualify for this draw. 

Dedicated Healthcare Pathway

This is a comparatively newly launched pathway under the federal Express Entry program. As the name suggests, this pathway is basically for the medical professionals. The provincial nominee program of Alberta chooses candidates from the Express Entry pool based on their qualifications to see if they are suitable for this immigration pathway or not. 

Just like the Sector Priorities stream, candidates invited under the Dedicated Healthcare Pathway also needed to have a job offer from an employer in Alberta. 11 invitations were sent out to candidates scoring 317 or higher than that. 

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