Alberta Conducts first PNP Draw of November


The Canadian province of Alberta held its first draw of November in which 16 candidates received invitations to apply for Canada PR, if they met the requirements. Last month, Alberta conducted draws six different times and invited more than 400 candidates. Let’s see how many candidates Alberta will invite this month. 

Alberta PNP Draw: First draw of November


Alberta conducted a PNP draw on 9th November. This round of draw invited 16 candidates through the Dedicated Healthcare Pathway. Before the candidates received invitations, they were filtered out on the basis of their CRS score and if they had a job offer from Alberta or not. 

The minimum CRS score cut off for the most recent round of draw was 305 points. Also, the other basic eligibility requirement was an employment offer from an employer in Alberta. 

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Previous Round of Alberta Express Entry Draws

As mentioned above, in the month of October, Alberta conducted 6 rounds of draws in which it invited 428 candidates. In October, the least score considered was 300, which is also the minimum score one needs to be eligible for Alberta PNP draw. 

Most of the candidates invited last month by Alberta were through the Family Connection and Primary Occupation in Demand. The invitations issued were 250, while the minimum CRS score considered was 323. 

Since IRCC allocates the number of candidates a province can invite from certain streams, it allocated 31% nominations to Alberta’s Family Connection stream. Through this stream, candidates with close family members, such as parents, children, siblings, would receive nominations. Moreover, the candidates must also be in in-demand occupations to receive invitations. 

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