Ontario to ban Canada work experience requirement in job posting


Ontario may pass a legislation banning employers from requiring work experience in application forms and job postings. This would be a historic move of its-own-kind since no other Canadian province or territory has done it before. The announcement of Ontario to ban Canada work experience requirement in job postings was made recently. It was done by the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development of Ontario. 

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Will Ontario Ban Canadian Work Experience Requirements?

In an historic move to offer more jobs, Ontario is expected to ban Canada work experience requirement in job postings and application form. 

Though it is only a proposed legislation for now, if passed, employers in Ontario won’t be able to make Canadian work experience one of the requirements in job postings. This will give more immigrants a chance to immigrate to Ontario and fill in the labor shortage demands. 

One thing that Ontario is struggling with is overqualified newcomers applying for dead-ends jobs. With the work experience requirement gone, newcomers would have a chance to apply for rewarding jobs and have a fulfilling career. 

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Will Immigration in Ontario be Impacted?

Ontario is one of the most important provinces in Canada in terms of immigration. Most of the immigrants invited annually come to Ontario and this is what makes the province so special. 

With Canadian work experience requirements gone, more immigrants would be able to go for jobs more suitable for them. Also, if more newcomers opt for jobs according to their educational background, they are better suited to help in boosting the GDP. 

Hence, immigration to Ontario is likely to experience a positive impact.

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