Latest Saskatchewan Draws Call for 1067 Immigrants!

Latest Saskatchewan Draws Call for 1067 Immigrants!

From the latest Saskatchewan draws we can see that the province is in rather desperate need to expand its labor force. In April alone, SK decided to invite 1067 candidates to be a part of the increasing workforce of Saskatchewan. Immigration to Canada would certainly be worth your money. And if you applied in the PNP of this province, and your points were 69 or more than that, then you might have received an invitation to apply for residency there.

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Saskatchewan PNP draws- 20th April

Saskatchewan recently updated its pool of applicants for the SINP Express Entry, and the Saskatchewan Occupations In-Demand List. These draws released are specifically for the candidates with a much lower score and have less Bands in IELTS. The minimum points this time hit only 69, which was lower than at the time of draws released in March or February.

Occupations In Demand

Under the Occupations In Demand category of the Saskatchewan immigration program, a total of 444 candidates are given a chance to apply for the permanent residency of the province. Those who were in this category with a minimum points of 69 could apply for the residency. 

Now, if you applied for the permanent residency under this category, and your score are according to how much the province needs, then we believe you must have received an invitation. Under this, the occupations that are invited are: 13201, 20012, 21203, 21211, 21220, 21221, 21222, 21223, 21230, 21231, 21232, 21233, 21234, 21301, 21321, 22220, 22221, 31203, 32102, 32103, 32120, 32121, 32122, 32123, 41301, 62100, 70012, 72024, 72100, 72106, 72201, 72310, 72400, 72401, 72410, 73102, 82030, 92100

Express Entry Stream

The candidates that received invitations under this category also had 69 points or above. A total of 623 invitations are sent out under the Express Entry Stream of SINP. 

In case you don’t know which are the current in-demand occupations in Saskatchewan, then you should check out their updated list or you can also see above and find which occupations are called this time. 

What after receiving an EOI?

So, have you received an EOI or Expression of Interest to apply for residency in Saskatchewan? Yes? Well, you can simply let all your worries fly out the window because you are going to live in Saskatchewan! Saskatchewan is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada. To live in THAT province is a dream of many. Thus, if you are getting a chance for that, try not to lose that, will you?

You should go ahead and work hard for whichever job you get in Saskatchewan. Then you would be able to live your life so nicely. When you start living in Saskatchewan, your standard of living would be raised by itself. You would receive a higher pay than back in your home country. You would have the chance to live in an inclusive society. There are so many reasons that we could just go on and on.

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