Marc Miller met other Ministers, discusses future Immigration Plans


FMRI, short for Federation of Ministers Responsible for Immigration, meets twice a year to discuss how to improve the immigration system of Canada. Last time, this meeting was held in March 2023, and this time, on 17th November, 2023. Marc Miller, the current Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s Minister attended this meeting as well. He discussed the not-so-long ago released Canada Immigration Levels Plan along with other important matters.

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What was the FMRI meeting about?

The provincial and territorial immigration ministers agreed that there needs to be some important changes in the immigration system. These changes need to be made in how provinces will meet labor needs. 

Discussion on the matter of labor requirements comes with discussion of other issues. One such issue being the pressure it puts on the housing and infrastructure industry. 

The recent FMRI was held to discuss what the future of immigration in Canada would look like. Previously this year, in the FMRI meeting, Saskatchewan asked to increase the immigrant allotment. 

FMRI is a decision making body which works for the improvement of the immigration system. Further, these provincial and territorial ministers are working on making the immigration system of the country more dynamic, effective and timely. 

After the meeting came to an end, Minister Miller held a press conference about the same. 

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What Marc Miller mentioned in the press conference

In the press conference, Marc Miller restated major points and goals of the Canada Immigration Levels Plan. Moreover, he also stated that the ministers responsible for immigration in Canada firmly believe that the new plan would surely bring in the required workforce while maintaining sustainable growth. 

Hence, the population of Canada will grow exponentially while impacting the healthcare and the housing industries positively. 

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