Construction Occupations: New Priority Category of BC PNP Draw


British Columbia recently added the Construction Occupation category in the list of priority occupations. These priority occupations are in greater need of workers to fulfill the workforce requirements and grow economically. This news came as of 16th November when the latest BC PNP draw was conducted and it invited a total of 224 candidates.   

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BC PNP Draw: Invitations Issued to Construction Workers as well

The most recent BC PNP draw was held on 16 of November, 2023, which called for 224 candidates across different streams. The lowest rank considered was 60. 

It was a Skills Immigration draw which called for candidates from the streams of Skilled Worker (EEBC option included), International Graduates (EEBC option included), as well as Entry Level and Semi-Skilled. 

British Columbia conducted both a General draw, which included Tech occupations, as well as Targeted draws to invite candidates from various occupations. 

Date: 16 November

Invitations: 224 (General draw- 116; Childcare- 59; Healthcare- 32; Construction- 12; Other Priority Occupations- 5)

Minimum Score: General draw- 94; Construction- 75; Childcare, Healthcare, Other Priority Occupations- 60

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OccupationsStreamsMinimum ScoreInvitations
General Draw (includes Tech occupations)Skilled Worker (EEBC option included)113116
International Graduates (EEBC option included)115
Entry Level and Semi-Skilled94
Childcare Skilled Worker, International Graduates (EEBC option included)6059
Other Priority Occupations605

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