Minister Sean Fraser to Extend Work Permit for PGWP Holders

Recently, an announcement came through regarding Minister Sean Fraser to extend work permit for PGWP holders. Read the news to know more
Minister Sean Fraser to Extend Work Permit for PGWP Holders

PGWP holders have been wanting to apply for extension so that they could still stay in Canada and gain work experience. Thankfully, Sean Fraser to extend work permit for PGWP holders was recently announced in a press release. Do you know that there are more than a few ways to get PR in Canada? One such way is via PGWP.

What’s the announcement?

A PGWP or a Post Graduate Work Permit allows foreign students to get work experience in Canada. This in turn will help these students to be able to get PR easily.

Sean Fraser, who is Canada’s Immigration Minister, just made an announcement in a press release that if any PGWP holder has a work permit which will be expiring soon, can apply for an Open Work Permit extension. Starting April 6, 2023, international students can apply for an extension.

If your post graduate work permit expires in 2023, then you would be able to apply for the extension. However, if someone’s PGWP is expiring in 2022 as well, then they can also apply for the extension.

After 6th April, you can visit the website of IRCC and apply for the extension. If you are applying, then you will receive an interim work permit authorization attached to an email. This interim extension is proof that you can, without any doubt, work in the country legally.

Understanding Post Graduate Work Permit

International students, who graduated from a Canadian designated learning institution (DLI), apply for post graduate work permits. A DLI is a college, university, or an educational institution which is government approved and it welcomes foreign students. PGWPs basically let international students work for a Canadian employer for around three years. However, the length of the educational program actually depends on the time of the educational program which the foreign graduate has to complete. Most of the students, international of course, choose this work permit as it lets them work and study at the same time. Moreover, this program rewards candidates who have been studying along with working in Canada. Do you know why this happens? This is because the Canadian labor market values anyone who can contribute to it. This means that Canada’s labor market is in need of more workers to support the work force. PGWPs are great for you if you are looking to gain work experience while studying in Canada. Furthermore, you can also work on your language skills and make them better for the future. In addition, you can develop social networks which will be of immense help in your career.
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