Canada Govt to Help Racialized Women to Find Jobs

Canada Govt to help racialized women reach their full potential so they can find jobs, might be the best news you will hear today.
Canada Govt to Help Racialized Women to Find Jobs_

This news of Canada Govt to help racialized women needs to be one of the most positive news that you may see on the internet today. Now that women are going to see more initiatives from the government, chances are that more and more women would want to immigrate to Canada. And, since more individuals would be in need of immigration, some of them might think about which immigration pathway should they choose: Express Entry or Provincial Nominee Program? Well, no need to be confused. We bring you this blog that will tell you all about what the government of Canada is going to support women.

What the Govt Believes about Women

According to the government of Canada, each and every woman is a strong human being. Women are capable of doing literally anything, things that even men can’t do! And, that’s the reason why every woman should have the same opportunity so we all could grow together.

And, not just women but also young girls that look up to their seniors and get inspired to achieve great things.

However, there are some barriers that we have to face. These barriers can be a bit more difficult to cross for the racialized newcomer women. And that’s why the government is helping these newcomer women to find jobs and help in the nation’s growth.

Under the Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot, YWCA of Metro Vancouver is going to receive around $1.1 million. Marie-France Lalonde was the one who announced. Marie is the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. This announcement is to support the Tech Connect program for all the newcomer women in Canada.

Tech Connect basically works to prepare newcomer women, those who are also internationally-trained professionals with IT backgrounds. Along with the preparation, it also connects them with professional networks so that they could understand how Canada’s workplace culture in the IT sector is. Besides this, the women also become capable of finding perfect jobs for themselves according to their skills, experience, and education.

Quick Facts You Must Know

  • The Canadian Government announced around $5.8 million for 10 projects under the Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot.
  • The Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot supports those organizations with programs ready to address women’s issues. Most of these issues are faced by racialized women. Moreover, the issues include gender-based discrimination, race-based discrimination, among other issues.
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