OINP Draw 2023: Want to get a Job in Canada?

OINP Draw 2023 Are you a skilled worker and Want to get a “Job in Canada"

On 13th January 2023. The Second OINP Draw 2023 held and issued 1,252 Invitations to the candidates with a minimum score between 336 and 506 are invited in this Draw. This is the first OINP Draw 2023 that was conducted under the Skilled Trade Stream, Eligible Applicants may submit their applications for Canada PR within 14 Days after Receiving the ITAs.

The latest OINP draw was held on the 25th of July 2023 with 95 ITAs having the CRS score range of 321-374 for French Speaking skilled workers.

Pointers of OINP Draw 2023

  • Second OINP Draw 2023
  • This is the First Draw under the Skilled Trades Stream
  • 1,252 Invitation were issued in this OINP Draw
  • CRS score between 336 and 506 for skilled Trades Stream
  • Applicants need to have a minimum CLB 5 or higher
  • This OINP Draw 2023 was held on 13th January 2023
  • Skilled Trades stream invitees are eligible for submitting a Canada PR application within 14 days.

Second OINP Draw of 2023 but First Draw For under Skilled Trades Stream

S.No.Date of DrawNo of ITAs IssuedScore RangeStream
113th January 20231252336 and 506Skilled Trades Stream

What are the Requirements of Ontario Skilled Trades Stream

To get Qualified in the next Draw, candidates must have:

  • Candidates have to register an application under the Federal Express Entry System
  • Candidates who have a minimum of 1 year of full-time equivalent work experience under particular NOC occupations
  • Candidates need to require a minimum CLB level of 5 or more to get into the next Draw.
  • Candidates have an intention to reside in the Province of Ontario.

Previous and First OINP Draw of 2023

S.No.Date of DrawNo of ITAs IssuedScore RangePathways
110th January 202340235 and aboveSkilled Trades Occupations
02NAEconomic Mobility Pathways Project

In the Previous and First OINP Draw, a total of 404 invitations were issued under the Foreign Worker Stream. 402 invitations for skilled trades occupations and 2 for Economic Mobility Pathways Project. The minimum score was 35 and above for First OINP Draw 2023.

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