Provincial Nominee Draws: Around 400 ITAs from Alberta & BC

Provincial Nominee Draws: Around 400 ITAs from Alberta & BC

Today, we bring you some provincial nominee draws updates. First, let’s talk about the freshly out British Columbia PNP draws. A total of 4 draws were conducted, one of them general, while the others targeting specific occupations. 

And secondly, we’ll talk about Alberta, the Canadian province that invited 212 candidates over the course of three draws conducted on consecutive days- 20, 21, and 22 June. 

If there have been so many draws being conducted, then that must mean there’s a good amount of jobs available in Canada. Otherwise, why would the provinces start inviting immigrants, right? And if there are such vacancies, then there must be several jobs for Indians abroad, right? Well, this might be a good time to find a job in Canada and settle down there. 

Now, shall we talk a bit more about the draws? 

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British Columbia PNP Draws- 27 June, 2023

Date: 27th June, 2023

ITAs: Less than 185

Type of Draw: General & Targeted 

Minimum Score: General- 87, Targeted- 60

Take a look at the images taken from the official website of British Columbia to verify the numbers. 

British Columbia PNP Draws- 27 June, 2023
British Columbia PNP Draws- 27 June, 2023

The general draws invited 130 candidates in all, and this also included candidates from the tech occupations. The lowest scoring candidate who received an invitation had a rank of 87 only. 

Candidates from various streams received invitations to apply. Some belonged to the skilled workers stream, some were international graduates while others were entry level and semi skilled candidates. 

Targeted occupations were healthcare, child care, and other priority occupations. Now, let’s talk about the minimum score according to the stream from which these candidates belonged. 

General Draw

  • Skilled Worker- 106 minimum score 
  • International Graduate- 109 minimum score
  • Entry Level and Semi Skilled- 87 minimum score

Targeted Draw

  • Childcare:- ITAs – 30; Minimum Score – 60 (Skilled Worker, International Graduate)
  • Healthcare:- ITAs – 20; Minimum Score – 60 (Skilled Worker, International Graduate)
  • Other Priority Occupations:- ITAs – Less than 5; Minimum Score – 60 (Skilled Worker, International Graduate)

Alberta PNP Draws

ITAs: 212

Type of Draw: Family connection and primary occupation; Designated Healthcare Pathway; Priority sector – Construction

Minimum Score: 301

Take a look at the image taken from the official website of Alberta to verify the numbers. 

Alberta PNP Draws

Alberta conducted three draws over three days. The first one held on 20th June, 2023, which invited only 68 eligible applicants with a CRS rank of 301 or higher. Candidates with an Alberta job offer in the construction sector were considered eligible for the draws. 

The second draw was conducted on 21 June, 2023. Here, candidates belonging to the Designated Healthcare Pathway with a valid job offer received invitations. 19 candidates with a CRS rank of 318 or above received invitations. 

The last one was held on 22 June, 2023. In this draw, candidates belonging to the family occupation along with primary occupations that are in demand in Alberta were targeted. A total of 125 notification of interest letters were sent out to eligible candidates scoring 306 or above. 

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